March 24th, 2018

Beyond the Ocean's Edge

Some Catching Up

Woke up to a light covering of snow today.  Natural, I suppose, since the first day of spring has already passed us by.  It doesn't/didn't amount to much, just enough to turn yards white, but didn't stick to the streets.  They are bare and wet. and what snow there is, is super wet, nearly slush as it sits there.

Hope to get ambitious enough to go get a haircut later this afternoon.  I've been putting it off for the past couple of weeks and it's getting to the point it's bothering me... tickling the tops of my ears, etc.  Yeah, I still keep it fairly short, much as I did when I was in the service and was required to meet certain grooming and haircut standards.  Years ago, once I was out, I did let it grow for a couple of years, as I'd never done that.  Got tired of it and went back to a more normal, short haircut.

Monday, we took Coco to the vet for the "Big Operation."  Let's just say he will not be a factor in any dog in the neighborhood having puppies.  He was a bit groggy when he came home that afternoon, but by late evening his bounce was back, and by the next day he seemed to be his normal self.  According to the vet's instructions, he was not supposed to have any exercise for 5 to 7 days, but since he cannot read, he isn't adhering to that advice/direction.  He's carrying on, tearing around, as if nothing has ever happened.  He and I have been for our walks everyday, other than Monday, and the surgery doesn't seem to have bothered him at all.

Yesterday went to our local animal control people and got him his license.  Cost was low, as he is now neutered, and I got a senior citizen discount as well.  And while we keep him inside or on a leash when outside, he's set up well if he should ever get loose, become lost.  He has his license tag, a nice shiny five pointed star, his rabie's shot tag, and a tag connected with the fact he has a micro-chip.  My biggest worry if he were to get out on his own is that he has no idea about traffic.

Tomorrow I'll be at a local high school craft fair, attempting to sell a few copies of my books.  One of the members of Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers signed up for a booth, and since there is room for more, she invited me and others to share with her at various times.  If anything, it'll get me out of the house for a while, and maybe I'll even sell a few copies.  Tomorrow is a short day at the craft fair, and it's close, almost within walking distance, and in fact the school Jessica attended.  I might drop by later today to see exactly where the booth is located, find out the best place to park, and where to enter as a vendor.  Easier all the way around to know where to go, and to find out when I'm not packing a satchel full of books and stuff.

As mentioned in my last post, I finished reading Niki Breeser Tschirgi's Stretch-mark My Heart a week or so ago... and wrote and posted a review of it.  Now I'm reading something called The Adventurists by Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers member Bob Weldin.  It's Bob's second book, the sequel to his earlier Dry Diggin's Club.  I'm getting close to half way through it, and at this point it seems to be a much better work than his first.  Takes place in the 1960s and involves folks working for the Bureau of Mines, a lot of back country adventures, and takes place in the Pacific Northwest.  I'm sure to write and provide a review when done.  If interested you can go to the Spokane Authors and Self-Publisher's web-site, click on "Members" and go to Bob's Member Web-Page to learn more about him and his two (so far) books.  BTW, I got copies of both his books in exchange for copies of mine.

Here's the cover of Bob's book!

Expecting to post another review from the SASP files in the next day or so, so stand by for that.  About time to see if the weather has let up enough that I can take Coco out for his daily walk.