March 20th, 2018

Beyond the Ocean's Edge

Weekly Book Review (Bonus)

Went to the release party for this book a couple of weeks ago and bought a copy.... signed by the author,naturally... and finished reading it yesterday afternoon.  Got a review written and thought I'd post it here.
Stretch-mark My Heart

By Niki Breeser Tschirgi

Reviewed by D. Andrew McChesney
         Niki Tschirgi's simply written and straight forward memoir is a story of, above all, compassion and faith.  Early on in their marriage Niki and Matt learn they will not be able to have children in the "normal" way.  Exploring alternatives, they decide to pursue adoption, as well as becoming foster parents as the need arose.
         They successfully negotiate the administrative and legal hurdles to begin the foster to adopt process.  And once the process begins, they can't seem to stop.  By the time they are done, Niki and Matt have six children, some adopted soon after birth, some as toddlers, and the last two as teenagers.  At every step their decisions are made with reliance on and faith in God.  Not only do they fill their need to be parents and have a family, they provide "family" to six children who would otherwise have none.
         This relatively short work is well written and a pleasure to read.  While their belief in God is ever present in this story, at no time does Niki push her (and Matt's) deep-seated faith upon the reader.  It is simply there as a matter of fact... as is the love that permeates the story.  The truth is, if you have any amount of compassion at all, you will not be able to read this without a box of tissues nearby.