January 16th, 2018

Beyond the Ocean's Edge

I'm Still Here!

Well I keep telling myself that I'm going to post more regularly... read "more often."  And now I discover that it has been two weeks since last doing so.

Anyway, should have posted yesterday to wish eglantine_br a Happy Birthday!  Hope it was a great day for you.  Also hope the weather is treating you and yours with a little bit of kindness these days.

Thought I was catching a cold, or worse over the past few days.  Whatever it was seems to have passed on, however, and today I feel pretty much normal... if there is a normal for me.  I'm a little tired and have a slight headache at times, but nothing like it was Sunday night.  Glad for that!

Reading wise:  Finished Robert Lewis Stevenson's Kidnapped a few days ago.  Made another search through the basement, going through the "world's best reading" selections from Reader's Digest that we've accumulated over the years, and now I'm reading The Sea Wolf by Jack London.  I think I may have read it years and years ago, but so far nothing seems to be coming back to me.  Then again it might be the effects of age on my memory.

I don't have any recent pics of Coco or Stormie or the weather to put with this, so I'll substitute this little sketch I did years ago of Island Expedition, the schooner on which most of the first two Stone Island Sea Stories take place.  I think this was my logo or whatever it's called at the top of each post for awhile.  And when I say "little sketch" I mean just that.  The original, which I have filed away is only about 3 X 4 inches.

(Wow! forgot to put the picture in and had to go back to edit in order to include it.  What did I say about memory?)

Hope everyone has a great rest of the week, or that you at least survive until the weekend.!