January 3rd, 2018

Beyond the Ocean's Edge

Couch Potato pt. 2

So several months ago, not long after I retired, I lamented the fact that I was no longer as active ad I had been while working. I mentioned that I had attempted to institute some sort of exercise or work out program. I kept it up for a while, but as winter came on and my surgery approached, I fell out of doing anything.

Now that I'm pretty much healed from my surgery and seem to have recovered from the bacterial infection that laid me low, I find that once again I am in danger of becoming a bona fide couch potato. To be sure, during much of that time, I did not have the energy or desire to do anything. I'd do well to move from bed to my chair and perhaps back to bed later.

Several weeks ago I noticed that the muscle mass in my arms was pretty much non-existent. Wanting to remedy that, I'd hinted at some small dumbbells for Christmas. In response, I got a set of 2 5# and a set of 2 10# dumbbells. For the past week, since Christmas day, I've tried to do a variety of exercises with the smaller ones.... sort of at random, often while watching TV during the evening. Nothing super strenuous, but something more than nothing. New Year's Day marked 6 weeks since my surgery and meant I was n longer officially restricted in how much I lift. So today I began doing a few things with the heavier set. I also went back to doing a little bit with the exercise wheel.

I'm not claiming to be doing any great workouts, but I am doing something, and perhaps with a little imagination, I feel like muscle tone and perhaps even muscle mass is improving slightly. Hopefully I'll keep it up, and if I get back to walking regularly, I can do nothing but improve.

Finished reading David C. Perry's NOT SELF BUT COUNTRY yesterday. Ends with an exciting and detailed account of the Continental Navy's BON HOMME RICHARD vs HMS SERAPIS. Today I went through the books in the basement, searching for my next read. Settled on KIDNAPPED by Robert Lewis Stevenson. I think I've seen the movie made decades ago, and quite possibly I've read it in Classics Illustrated (comic book) form. But I think this will be my first time to read the actual book.

Wishing everyone a happy and prosperous 2018!