December 27th, 2013

steer between them!, Helm


Yesterday I groused (politely, I hope) about what seemed to be a delay in the publishing of Sailing Dangerous Waters: Another Stone Island Sea Story.  Then today, as I've done for the past couple of weeks, I checked e-mail via my phone a numerous times.  Around 1115 hrs, I checked again and beheld the e-mail from Outskirts Press which basically said, "Your book is published!  Congratulations!"
And so it is!
For information and to order if you so desire, visit my web-site.  You can go here and save the trouble of clicking on "Sailing Dangerous Waters" from the "home" page.  Amazon and Barnes and Noble may not yet be updated.  A few minutes ago they were still showing eBook only. (Kindle and Nook)  To me, best bet if you are desperate for a print copy, and I know you are, would be to order via Outskirts Press.  They give a 10% discount for up to nine copies.  After that they give a 50% discount for 10 or more copies.  (And no, the discounts do not mess with author royalties.)
Hope everyone has a Great Weekend.  Happy New Year
Heck here's the cover one more time!!!