December 26th, 2013

steer between them!, Helm

Neat Xmas Gifts!

We had a wonderful Christmas yesterday!  Quiet and peaceful for the most part.  Daughter came up with a couple great gifts.131226_0001
A set of book ends cleverly disguised as an Age of Sail warship.  (That's her in the photo to the right of this pic... taken several years ago when she was in kindergarten.

She also gave me the book sandwiched between the book ends... The Anatomy of Nelson's Ships.  It's one of those that I'll probably never read end to end, but will pore through on countless days ahead... much as I've done over the decades with The History of the American Sailing Navy.  Looks like a great source of information concerning the construction and detail of the great warships of the late 18th and early 19th centuries.  (Thanks "J"!)
Beyond the Ocean's Edge

Another Publishing Update and Other Stuff

One of my goals with my second book was to have it out and available by Christmas.  Looks like I didn't meet that ideal.  Based on when I sent back the final proofs, I was guessing at around the 16th of December, based on the experience with my first book.  Anyway, it's on Nook and Kindle now, but so far I haven't received any word about it being published and available as a print book.  I'm wondering if that might have anything to do with me ordering some more marketing stuff recently.  I've ordered a custom press release. a video teaser, book review submission and a couple of other things.  Plus that it is the Holiday Season and I imagine folks at Outskirts Press would like a little time off.  Upon checking their on-line bookstore a day or so ago, I noticed that nothing new had come out since this past Friday.  I'm sure mine will be out in due time... it is getting hard to wait!

I may have mentioned that I've got my first book on a site called WhizBuzz.  They post it there, post it on Facebook the day it's posted, and Tweet it on several different Twitter accounts.  There is also an automatic tweet/retweet feature... if you go to the page on Whizbuzz for the book and add comments at the bottom, they'll be tweeted automatically.  If you've read the book and would like to comment on it, I'd appreciate it.  Quite honestly, the more publicity the book gets, the better.  Once Sailing Dangerous Waters is fully published, I'll put it on Whizbuzz as well.
PS You'll need to scroll down past some ads for other books to reach the comment form.