December 25th, 2013

Beyond the Ocean's Edge


Christmas Morning, here in Spokane.  Our snow from last Friday has all but disappeared, but today it is foggy and cold.  Streets are a bit icy.  Having the day off, I slept in, but still awoke fairly early.  Being the typical male shopper, I still had to wrap the gifts that I'd bought, and I wanted to bake some bread for our Christmas Dinner later in the day.  So, presents are all suitably hidden within brightly colored wrapping paper, and the bread is cooling on the rack.
Our tree on Christmas Morning, complete with a modest selection of presents piled beneath it.  We used to have a more natural looking artificial tree, but this one is easy to set up...lights are pre-strung.  As time goes by we find that the less we have to do to get ready for the Holiday Season, the better.
This "giant hamburger bun" is the result of my baking efforts this morning.  Recipe is somewhat modified from one I found years ago for "Australian Damper Bread."  It uses yeast like regular bread to raise before baking, along with baking powder to raise while in the oven.  It's great toasted!

Hope everyone is having a very MERRY CHRISTMAS!