December 15th, 2013

Beyond the Ocean's Edge

Patience Needed

As the work week faded, I got more and more anxious, hoping that I would receive word that my second book, Sailing Dangerous Waters: Another Stone Island Sea Story had been published.  It would have been great if I could have spent a portion of this weekend telling everyone of it's availability.  Unfortunately, that e-mail never came.  When I look back at the time it took for the same thing to happen with my first book, I shouldn't be that surprised.  Based on that, I should receive word early next week, maybe even tomorrow.

I know I mentioned some time ago that I was trying to get this second volume of the Stone Island Sea Stories out in time for the Christmas Shopping Season, and it yet might catch the tail end of it.  I probably should have started the process a bit sooner, but we were involved in a mortgage refinancing project.  For any that have done that, you may have noticed that they prefer you not to do any credit card transactions.  Nearly every financial thing I do with the self-publishing service and assistance company (Outskirts Press) I work with is done via credit card, so I waited until the re-fi was done before I started the publishing process.

My optimistic view is that I'll be receiving word that the second book has been published and is available in the next couple of days or so.  You can be sure I'll post something about it, not only here, but on Facebook and Twitter as well.  And for those who might also be in my e-address book, expect an e-mail as well.  Once I'm notified and pass the word on to you, I believe the book will be available on-line at Outskirts Press' Book Store and at Amazon and Barnes and Noble on-line.  If not immediately available, Kindle and Nook versions should be coming soon.  If you are in the local Spokane area and looking for copies direct and signed from me, I'll have a small initial shipment a few days after notice of publication.

Now that I'm on Twitter, I've discovered a number of marketing services for independent authors.  With most of them, it appears one pays a small fee, sends in information about one's book, and then the site posts info, sends out tweets, and in general helps spread word about the availability of one's book.  As soon as I get word the second book is published, I'm going to get both of them listed on a couple of these sites.


P. S.  Great Football Weekend!  Navy Won!  Eastern (Washington) Eagles Won!  Seahawks Won!
P. P. S. Still reading my way through Mad Ship by Robin Hobb.
Beyond the Ocean's Edge

A Marketing Up-date

Contrary to what I said in my last post, I've decided not to wait until my second book is available before trying out some of the marketing and promotional services I've found via Twitter.  I've just signed up for one called Whizbuzz.  For a rather small fee, they will list my book on their web-site, cycle it through their face book page, and send out tweets on several account... and they'll do that for the next year.  The whole idea as I see it, is to gain as much media exposure as I can.  Anyway here is a link to the Whizbuzz site.  If all goes according to plan, you just might see something about Beyond the Ocean's Edge there in the next day or so.