November 30th, 2013

Beyond the Ocean's Edge

Closer to Publishing!

On Wednesday past, I finished going over the galley proofs for Sailing Dangerous Waters.  I thought they were in pretty good shape and only found a handful of things to change or correct.  Quite probably I could have let most of them go and it wouldn't have made that big a difference.  Still, I'm trying (hopefully without being obsessive) to have a book that will be noted as being as close to error free as can be.  Most of the errors I noted were simply extra spaces where there shouldn't be any.  In a couple of places I change a couple of words or word order to better express a point in the story.  In another I changed port wine to madiera because earlier mention had been made of them opening the last bottle of port.

Friday I got the corrections submitted, so no I'm waiting on the final proofs.  Once I approve them, it should be a matter of days before I get the magic e-mail telling me my book is published.  Earlier today I went back into my LJ archives.  I posted on 29 April 2012, noting that I had just returned the final approval for Beyond the Ocean's Edge.  I got word that it was published on the 8th of May.  So I'm still confident and hopeful this second book will be out and available before Christmas.  Depending upon when it does come out there is a chance I won't have but a few copies on hand before Dec 25, as first I'll order the ten free copies that I get as a part of the package I ordered.  I'll want to receive and look those over for possible mistakes before ordering any more.  Economically it makes since to go with the cheapest shipping methods, and the time involved might push it a bit as far as getting a good supply before the Holidays.  Still, I'll be able to pass along information where copies can be ordered, either through Outskirts Press, Amazon, and Barnes and Noble On-Line.  And this time, it is supposed to be available on Nook and Kindle, right from the start.

I'm also hoping that I'm doing a bit more of the pre-publishing publicity stuff than I did last time.  Learning from experience, I suppose.  Plus that, I'm more connected on various on-line social media sites than I was last time.  I am on Facebook now, and most recently on Twitter.  Hopefully word is getting around more than it did a year and a half or so ago.

Busy day yesterday, as besides sending in the galley edits, I also put together the SASP newsletter, posted it on the web-site, and e-mailed it to all the SASP members.  This morning I printed the handful of copies needed for those members who do not use computers and got them in the mail.