November 28th, 2013

Beyond the Ocean's Edge

Happy Thanksgiving

I hope everyone (who celebrates) Thanksgiving is having, or has had a great and Happy day.  Here, it has been fairly low key.  I worked for half a day, which with my hours means I was home before 9 am.  Eva had to go to work at 3, so she got the turkey started... I baked a couple loaves of bread, and had a quick meal, much the same as I usually would.  Spent most of the day watching football on TV and took a nap.  Nice to have most of the day off, and nice that I'll have tomorrow off as well.

Yesterday I finished going through the interior galley proofs for Sailing Dangerous Waters, and tomorrow I'll get the few corrections I found logged in and returned to Outskirts Press.  I'll also have to put together and send out the next edition of the SASP Newsletter.

Reading wise I finished Patrick O'Brian's Desolation Island earlier in the week.  Started Robin Hobb's Mad Ship, which is the second in the Live Ship Traders series.  I read the first a few months ago and enjoyed it tremendously.  One of the things that I believe makes a good sequel is that one should be able to pick up the second (or third, or fourth) book, even after some time away from the previous volume and get right back into the story and characters.  To me a well written sequel helps the reader remember the key points of the earlier story without doing info dumps, and realizes that it may not have just been read.  I also believe that a well written series should allow a reader who might stumble on to any book in the series to read it and not be totally lost.  So far anyway, the books of Live Ship Traders do just that.

In a minute, I'll see if this will post.  I've tried a couple of times today to comment on a few journals and they don't seem to want to take.  I can write my comment just fine, but when I click "Add Comment" it just freezes.  I tried to comment twice on a post earlier today with no luck.  Tried again a few minutes ago, and also on another journal.  Still just freezes up.  Curious if anyone else is having problems.