November 21st, 2013

Beyond the Ocean's Edge

Galley Proofs!

Yesterday I got the galley proofs for Sailing Dangerous Waters: Another Stone Island Sea Story.  I've reviewed and made corrections for the cover already.  Biggest problem is that in the excerpt from the story that matches the cover art, there was not separate paragraphs for each speaker.  They had also included my original description or synopsis of the book, plus what the editor had developed while going through the manuscript.  I'll cross my fingers to see if they get it right when I get the finals back.  Now comes the fun part, going through the entire story and making sure nothing is wrong.  My goal is to have it completely reviewed and back to the self-publishing and assistance company by Thanksgiving... or at least by the end of that weekend.  Rough estimates tell me I'll need to go over four or five chapters a day to do that, and at times I doubt I'll do that.

P. S.  At work reading:  Nearly finished with Patrick O'Brian's Desolation Island.  Neat reading stuff a second time.  I'm noticing a lot of humorous little twists that really make me wonder about the esteemed POB's sanity.  (Meant in a good way, of course.  Maybe he did not suffer at all, but rather enjoyed insanity!)