November 10th, 2013

Beyond the Ocean's Edge

Artisans Marketplace

Had a really busy beginning to the weekend.  After work on Friday I spent the afternoon and early evening at the downtown Spokane Club, participating in the annual Artisans Marketplace.  I'd taken part last year, simply selling my book.  This year, I not only had the book, but copies of the cover art and other pictures that I'd painted or otherwise created over the years.  Sometimes I think the idea of books, even self-published at an arts and craft show is stretching things a bit, and I wanted something that would be a closer fit.  (I know that some of the other arts and craft shows won't allow books at all, unless they are actually hand made.)

Friday was a long day, and by the time the event closed I was fighting to stay awake.  It also looked like it would be very disappointing, but just before it ended, I finally made a sale.  So then it was home for a quick dinner and hopefully a good night's sleep.  Saturday the event went from 9 am until 3 in the afternoon.  I started out with a sale right off the bat, but then sat for a long time with no real interest.  Still, ended up with a number of sales when the day was done.  I was sort of surprised to have not had as much action with the prints of the art work as I had hoped.  Lots of favorable comments, but...  Maybe I had them priced wrong.  Also had a lady wanting to buy a copy of the book, but she doesn't carry cash and didn't have a blank check.  I told her she could take a copy and bring the money to the facility where I work.  She's one of the regulars there.  Anyway, I'll have copy on hand at work and she will pay for and pick it up the next time she's there.

This year was the first time the club did the Artisans Marketplace as a two day event and involved a week end.  I think the turn out, both from club members and from the general public was much better than it was a year ago.  Now, I've got to convince them that they should do an "Authors Marketplace," perhaps in the spring in conjunction with EWU's annual GET LIT festival, or to perhaps have an Author Section along with the other areas at the event just past.  I'm sure that with enough lead time, one could expect twenty or thirty local authors.  One of the local Hastings stores has done two multi-author signings over the past few months, and had over twenty and just less than twenty participants respectively.  I mentioned the possibility of such to those in charge of such events at the club after last year's Artisans Marketplace, but never got any sort of reply.  I'll try again this year, and maybe something will click.

With regards to Sailing Dangerous Waters: Another Stone Island Sea Story, I think I've mentioned that I recently  sent back the approved edits.  Now I'm waiting on the galleys.  Once those are corrected and approved, it shouldn't be that long before I can say that I have two published books "out there!"
More next time,