October 27th, 2013

All Plain Sail

Health Update

Nearly two years ago, early in November, I posted regarding some medical procedures I was currently undergoing.  The result was (and is) that I have or am at the first stage of multiple myeloma.  Since then I've had blood draws and have seen the doctor every three months or so.  (Over the past year my visits have been extended to six months, as I've been stable.)  On my last visit a couple of weeks ago, she discussed a new treatment for folks at the stage I'm at, also referred to as smoldering myeloma, who showed signs or a risk of having it develop into more advanced stages.  Everything that she has been monitoring indicated that I'm stable, but in order to find out for sure, I had a few more non evasive tests run.  Luckily none of the results showed me to be progressing towards a higher stage of the ailment.  Now, I'm on a six month cycle.

Strangely, being diagnosed with a potentially fatal condition doesn't seem to bother me.  Maybe being a bit older, I realize that it will all end sometime, and knowing of a possible means of that end may actually be somewhat reassuring.  I keep thinking that I should be in a panic, even at the stage I'm at.  After all, I know of three individuals in the area who have perished from the exact same condition, and of a fourth who has for the time, beaten the odds and has survived treatment to surpass the original estimate of time left.  Without trying, I find i don't dwell on it, worry, or fret about it.  Having the condition is simply a matter of fact, and at this time I have no noticeable symptoms to constantly remind me.  I exist, do as I will, and the condition exists.  Whether it plays a part in the final end remains to be seen.  My one sort of theoretical worry is that it eventually will not allow me the time to write all the stories I have floating around in my mind... to complete the Stone Island Sea Stories, and then go on to other tales and stories about Stone Island.

As I am in the process of writing a posting this, I've debated whether or not I should make this a Friends Locked post.  Well, I've never done that before, so why should I start now.  I have no reason to keep this situation confidential.  If I did, I wouldn't post it at all.
Beyond the Ocean's Edge


Just finished going through the edits for Sailing Dangerous Waters: Another Stone Island Sea Story.  Fairly easy to to, as it's all done with "track changes."  I simply have to decided where to accept or reject the change the editor recommended.  As before, I've probably agreed to 90 to 95% of them.  I still want to actually read through it, and hopefully catch any errors that may have escaped her notice.

Trying to remember back to when Beyond the Ocean's Edge: A Stone Island Sea Story was at this stage, but I think this one was a bit cleaner when it got to the editor.  I seem to remember a few more things to change a couple of years ago.

I'm still reading Springer's Heart by local author and fellow SASP member Bob Manion.  I'm guessing one or two more lunch hours at work before I'm finished with it.  (It's a great modern western, complete with a touch of romance.  If anything, I think it could have used one more editing pass before being published.)  At this time I'm not sure what I'll read next, although it's been some time since I've read any of the Aubrey/Maturin canon by PO'B.