September 1st, 2013

Hotchkiss' Paradox

The Second Cover

Today I started work on the cover for Sailing Dangerous Waters :Another Stone Island Sea Story.  I've taken some snapshots of it at various stages with my phone.  Thought some might be interested to see the progress.  The scene is supposed to depict the back cover blurb that I posted on following_sea a week or so ago.  Here are a couple of the snap shots showing what progress I'm making on it.
The beginnings of HRMS Furious

Furious is basically complete, and work progressing on the Seine, the Gallician frigate.  I did just a bit more before knocking off for the day.  (BTW, if you look closely, I managed to get my feet in the pic!)

To complete the picture, HMS/OGS Island Expedition will be closing these two from the left, heading in the same basic direction.  It'll be larger, closer to us, and may spill over the left hand edge of the canvas.

Being able to choose or create my own cover art is one of the advantages of self-publishing!