August 25th, 2013

Beyond the Ocean's Edge

Sold a couple

Of books, that is.  Yesterday's signing went well.  About half way through my two hour stint, discussed books with a gentleman who later bought a copy.  Just before ending the session, I sold another.  Hung out a little past the scheduled time and had another nice discussion which I thought might lead to another sale.  It didn't, but I passed along one of my cards to the individual, so who knows what might happen.  And to put the day in reverse order, I had barely established myself at the table when I got into a somewhat interesting discussion.  A younger man mentioned that he wanted to write but had a fear of doing so.  Probably because his earlier efforts had been criticized so heavily.  I suggested that he write for himself, and that (based on something I'd heard at a conference) give himself permission to write "crap."  Told him to use criticism as a tool to improve his work, rather than as a judgement of his abilities.  He went a way happy, so I hope I helped a little.

Earlier in the week my Facebook page reached thirty likes.  My daughter selected a number between one and thirty, and the individual corresponding to that number has won a copy of Beyond the Ocean's Edge: A Stone Island Sea Story.  So now I'm waiting for contact from an individual named Man Swadock, from I believe, Indonesia to get in touch.  Otherwise I have no information on where to send a copy.  Until then, I'll keep a copy set aside for him.  Since the "like" count seems to be growing a bit faster now, I'll wait until it reaches 100 before doing another give away.