August 17th, 2013

Beyond the Ocean's Edge

A Sneak Peak of Sorts

Well, I'm in the final stages of getting Sailing Dangerous Waters: Another Stone Island Sea Story ready for publication.  Today I've done a little to come up with the "back page blurb."  I've known for quite awhile what select bit of text from the story I wanted to use, but I had to come up with a brief synopsis or overall description of the story.  I present that attempt here, hopefully to tweak your curiosity, and also to give you a brief idea of what the story is about.

Book II Back page Blurb

            The Gallician frigate had come out of the fog from windward, and had fired its first devastating broadside into the Tritonish frigate from near point blank range.  They paralleled each other, mere yards apart, and made no effort to alter course or maneuver for an advantage.  With more sail set now, the schooner forged ahead and rapidly closed with the frigates.  “Ready the port battery!”
            Aye aye, sir!”
            “Helm, steer as to pass between them!”
            “Aye aye, sir!”
            “Sure madness, Edward!” warned Hotchkiss.
            “But a method to it, Isaac!  When I give word, we must put into the wind, and as our guns bear, concentrate fire on the Toad’s starboard quarter.  Let us then fall off the wind and repeat with the starboard battery.”
            “Aye!”  Hotchkiss nodded with understanding.
            Fully awake and alert, his senses at their sharpest, Pierce watched the battling frigates grow larger.  The damp night air whipped past mingled with spray thrown up by Island Expedition’s hurried dash through the sea.  Despite the apprehension in his gut, Pierce felt alive.

            Freed from captivity at the hands of the Tritonish Government, Pierce and the men of HMS Island Expedition want nothing more than to return to their own world and England.  Pursuit by rogue Gallician frigates, needed maintenance on the schooner, diplomatic endeavors on behalf of newly annexed Stone Island, and an encounter with an insanely jealous Tritonish frigate captain, all delay their departure for home.  In this world, a journey half way around the globe is complicated by one powerful storm after another.  Disbelief expressed by those hearing of his voyage, questions concerning his sanity, an encounter with a mysterious French commerce raiding corvette, and a return to Portsmouth following the arrival of news concerning Trafalgar further block Pierce’s long anticipated  reunion with Evangeline.