August 10th, 2013

Beyond the Ocean's Edge

Book Signings

Well, last week I participated in a multi-author book signing event.  The Hastings on Spokane's South Hill hosted about eighteen local authors on Saturday afternoon.  It was a nice experience, getting to meet several authors that I had only heard of, and as well to associate with those I know quite well.  Seems that those with non-fiction works and those whose fiction tended more toward mystery, thriller, or "whodunits" did the best.  Children's authors did also did well.  The store book manager is now thinking of doing smaller multi-author signings, sticking to a particular genre.  We've concluded that my work is actually science fiction, and so I would be included in that group when they do a signing for that.

I remember when I was trying to get published in the traditional way, I was pitching the book as fantasy, but since I've seen it primarily as age of sail or naval adventure.  I guess it is written as such and certainly reads as if it were... yet there is a definite alternate world (other world) aspect to it, which does make it science fiction.  (Or fantasy?)  I'm comfortable with that idea, especially after reading S. M. Stirling's Conquistador.  It is a science fiction/alternate world story, and yet for the most part reads like a mystery or thriller novel.

After attending last week's event I was preparing a flyer to drop off at the Valley Hastings to promote this week's (today's) signing there.  In doing so, I came up with a new phrase to describe what I write.  It basically goes like this: The Stone Island Sea Stories seamlessly combine Age of Sail/Naval Adventure, with a unique Science Fiction/Alternate World touch.  If anything it might aid curious shoppers in determining what my book is, and might aid me in describing it.