July 28th, 2013

Beyond the Ocean's Edge

Not According to Plan

This weekend is not going exactly as I would have hoped.  Friday as I left for work, I discovered that my vehicle would not start.  As she was not working that day, I borrowed my wife's car.  Now I've known for some time that the primary (battery) wiring of my car has some faults, so Saturday I set about fixing the problem.  I took a quick look and headed to the local parts store for items to make a repair.  I found a couple of replacement terminals, complete with "add-on" extensions.  Perfect, I thought, and quickly replaced the old corroded positive terminal.  Then I went to work on the negative or ground terminal.  Even after cutting back the wires a few inches, I discovered they were full of corrosion.  Well, why not run new wires?  So, back to the store to purchase a complete cable.  The problem?  It's very difficult to get to the other end where it hooks on to the engine.  I can reach it, but am having a difficult time getting a wrench on both ends of the nut and bolt combination.  Anyway, I'll go out again today and see if I can't complete the job.  (I think I'm out of practice at doing automotive work since my interests have turned more to writing over the past few years.)

I'm also trying to do a newsletter for Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers, as we have our next meeting this coming Thursday.  I'd hoped to have it done and e-mailed out by yesterday (Saturday) evening.  Then I could spend a portion of today printing hard copies so I could mail them Monday.  (If I'd really been up on things, I possibly could have gotten them in Saturday's mail.)  However, other priorities (see above) have prevented me from getting the newsletter out as I had planned.  That means I'll have to finish up and get the newsletter done today, as well as take care of other usual weekend stuff.  So, why am I bothering to post when I could be/should be doing other stuff?  I think it's a way of "warming up" to the tasks that need doing.

Looks like I'll have another week of reading/self-editing before I get through this current run-through of Sailing Dangerous Waters.  Updated things on the computer yesterday and now have everything through chapter Sixteen in the latest version.  I've got one more chapter updated to the last changes, but will have to print out the remainder before going through them.

Now I suppose I should quit putting it off and get on with the newsletter and the other stuff.  Hope everyone has a tremendously successful week!