July 22nd, 2013

Hotchkiss' Paradox

Self-Publishing Prep

For the past week or so, my reading time at work (lunch hour, of course) has been dedicated to a final, self-editing read through of Sailing Dangerous Waters: Another Stone Island Sea Story.  Hope to catch many of the little "gotchas" before beginning the process of getting this one published.  Over the weekend I've entered corrections and changes into the computer.  Updates now extend through chapter Nine.  I'm also printing out what I need to read and edit, based on the last time I went through it.  Now have everything through chapter Seventeen printed.  BTW, the story has twenty-six chapters.  Hopefully I'll get a bit farther with the reading aspect over the rest of the week.  I imagine that it'll take a bit of the next week as well, if not more, to complete the read through.  (Remember, I read at work on my lunch time, so it takes a while.)  The big goal is to be ready to start the actual process of turning this into my second published book as soon as possible after the first of August.  But I'm not going to start until I've finished this final run through, and as well until I have everything else ready to go.  I'll have to develop a "back page" blurb, probably re do my author bio, and of course come up with something for the cover illustration.  I have an idea for a picture but have to get around to doing the actual painting.  Hopefully I'll get something that comes out as good as "Hotchkiss' Paradox" (see accompanying icon) did as the cover of Beyond the Ocean's Edge, A Stone Island Sea Story.

When I went through the set up stuff for the first book, I found that often I had to break off from submitting material in order to create it.  I'm hoping to not have to do that this time, that once I get started, I can attach and or upload everything in one fell swoop.  That's why I want it all ready before hand.

Speaking of publishing projects, a couple of Live Journal acquaintances, jpsorrow and pbray have embarked on an interesting writing, editing, and publishing project.  Basically they are starting a small press to publish fantasy based short story anthologies.  They've edited a couple via a major publishing house, but have found the need to be more on their own.  Both have posted quite extensively as of late regarding these projects.  Joshua and Patricia are trying to set this up via Kick Starter, so check it out and give them a hand if you are so inclined.  Here is a link to one of his more recent posts on the subject.  Hey, I've read several works from both these fine writers and enjoy what they write.  They also do a great job of editing works from a multitude of other great authors.