July 20th, 2013

Beyond the Ocean's Edge

Post All-Star Game

Well, Major League Baseball is back, after taking a short week off for the All-Star game and other festivities.  Watched the Mariners vs Houston last night and was finally able to get my daily fix of the game.  Our local paper has had a couple of articles lately that had got the brain to working a little bit.

With the Mariners not doing all that well for the season, there is now talk of trading some of the more talented players, perhaps to a team that is in contention.  I know this is a part of the business side of baseball, but it never really makes sense to me.  If a team has some of the parts it needs to be successful, then why not keep them and try to add what is needed for the years to come.  It seems that so often, teams take a step back by trading away the good players.  Then they end up waiting longer to be contenders.

The other article dealt with the designated hitter.  It's been around for a long time, but I can remember when all baseball was played by what we now call National League Rules.  The pitcher batted, period.  Oh, they can talk about higher averages for teams using the designated hitter or that they score more runs on average, but I tend to like the "purity" of the old game.  And it is always a treat to see a stereotypical poor hitting pitcher knock one out of the park or drive in a couple runs to help his own cause.  On the reverse of all this, I can see where the designated hitter has helped prolong and perhaps even salvage the careers of many older players.  So I guess both sides of the question have some sort of advantage.  I just hope that baseball doesn't eventually evolve in to separate offensive and defensive specialists.  Hitters only come to bat and fielders (including pitchers only play in the field.  Baseball is a game of tradition, and I'd like to see a bit of it remain as it has been.