July 7th, 2013

Beyond the Ocean's Edge

Progress of a sort

Feel like I'm on the final lap, prior to getting underway with publishing my second book.  I've started printing out the latest version so I can spend part of this month doing one more self-editing read-through.  So far I've printed out three chapters, and will work at completing the rest as the upcoming week progresses.  That should give me time to complete my current read.  I've finished Conquistador by S. M. Stirling, and now am reading "21" by Patrick O'Brian.  As it is an unfinished book, it shouldn't take all that long.  Should be done with it before the week is out and then I can get on with another go at mine.  Hope to be ready to begin the actual process the end of July or beginning of August.

Despite my grousing about Facebook last week, the number of likes my page has continues to grow slowly.  It's up to 14 now.  One more and I'll do a giveaway, choosing one of those who have liked the page at random.

Biggest news, I suppose is that I'm lowering Kindle and Nook prices on Beyond the Ocean's Edge: A Stone Island Sea Story for the remainder of the month.  Want to set them to $2.99 vice the usual $4.99.  Nook has already been changed, and I'm working on the Kindle.  So if you've been waiting for a good deal, this might be it.  Be sure and tell your friends that might be looking as well.  Easiest way to find it, would simply be to go to my web-site.  If you scroll down the home or welcome page, you'll see links both to Amazon and Barnes and Noble locations for the book.

About all for this time.

PS:  If anyone is interested, SASP (Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers) meets this coming Thursday.  For more info about the group, check out the site here.  BTW, the newest SASP NEWS is now on the site under "Newsletters."