June 30th, 2013

Beyond the Ocean's Edge

Social Media Frustrations

I've had an account here at Livejournal for several years now, and for the most part, no problems, no complaints.  I usually don't have any real complaints with all the stuff that folks seem to rant and rave about every time something changes.  Nor have I experienced the outages and other inconveniences that some imply are a staple of LJ use.  No, I don't really have much, if anything to grouse about here.  My frustration is better felt in/on a very popular other Social Media Site.

Over the years I had resisted being on Facebook.  I didn't understand what all the hype was about and didn't want to get sucked in to being a typical user.  But upon publishing Beyond the Ocean's Edge: A Stone Island Sea Story, and hearing that author's should be on Facebook, I succumbed.  I've been there over a year now, and I wonder if I've done it right.  Some things just don't seem to work as I understand that they should.  To begin with, when I set up, I immediately created a "page," and to the best of my knowledge, I do not have a "profile."  Yet everything I read on the "help" tabs says I have to have a profile.  I'm just wondering why when I went to create "page" that nothing popped up to tell me I needed to have a "profile" first.

However, I do have the "page," and I guess that's what counts.  I realize that a "page" is for a different purpose and might work a little different, but...having liked a number of other pages, I used to be able to like, comment, or share" entries on those pages.  I don't know if what I did ever reflected anywhere else, but still I was able to "voice" my opinion.  Since about the middle of June, I've only been able to "share."  I've spent a lot of time searching through Facebook help lists, etc, trying to find out what I need to do, but so far haven't been able to find anything concrete.  The pages that I have liked are related to my interests as an author, including other authors, writing organizations, book stores, historical sites, and armed forces organizations.  There are times I would like to "like" or "comment" on what is on those pages, especially when the content is related in some way to my writing and those interests I write about.  My hope is that I won't have to take the page down and start over.

In a little less grumpy frame of mind, it seems that the list of "likes" for my page is starting to grow a little.  Now the only problem here is that I don't know who some of them are.  No biggie, other than I've decided to give a way a copy of Beyond the Ocean's Edge when the count gets to a certain level.  Whether I draw from all those who have liked my page up to that point or award the copy to the person liking at that particular number, I need to know who it is.

I had also tried to set it up so I could cross post LJ entries to Facebook.  That never seemed to work either, although it's not that hard to "share" a link to a LJ post if I should want to do so.  (Quite possibly I'll be doing just that with this LJ post.)

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions you'd care to pass along, I'd be glad to hear from you.
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