June 15th, 2013

Beyond the Ocean's Edge

A Long and Busy Friday

Yesterday turned out to be one of those rare days in which I was busy from awakening until once again crawling beneath the covers and shutting out the light.  Naturally I was up early and off to work, but I also had a book signing scheduled for an hour or so after the end of the work day.  It was a typical signing event, one not super successful with folks lining up to buy and have copies signed, but one in which people stopped by to chat, and in which one individual did purchase a copy and another expressed a great deal of interest.  Yes, it is a pleasant prospect to think of signing and selling whole handfuls of books, but to sell one certainly makes the hours spent seem more successful.

Then it was home, a quick bite to eat and a trip out to Cheney and Eastern Washington University for this years Honors Convocation.  Jessica (my daughter) graduates this year with honors, and so we and one of her friends went to witness and applaud her achievements.  Earlier in the day, she and Eva had gone out to another awards program, this one meant more for actual academic achievement and final grade point average, rather than having fulfilled specific course requirements.  Proud to say that she graduates Summa Cum Laude!  To top it off, she's garnered two degrees, one in Psychology, and the other in Computer Science.  Well past my usual bed time by the time we returned home.

EWU's full commencement function is today, but she decided not to go to that.  In truth, I thought what we attended yesterday was much more meaningful.  Each individual was identified and his or her accomplishments, goals, and future plans mentioned, even if in brief, rather than having thousands of individuals marching past so rapidly that the one being announced is three or four individuals behind the one currently receiving his or her degree.  And with the way the weather is shaping up today, her decision to not take part has saved us from hours of possibly hot sun, seated on EWU's famous red artificial turf.  (Her friend who accompanied us last night graduated from Gonzaga last month and said the Commencement there had lasted upwards of five hours.)

Later today, I'll be going to Coeur d'Alene and to a BBQ held at an Inland Northwest Corvair Club member's place.  Today is the big Car d'Lane car show, and many members of the club are participating,.  The club has made it a practice over the past few years to meet for a BBQ after the show.  Since neither of my Corvairs are running, I have no real reason to go, but I do want to enjoy the post event hospitality and comraderie.

Reading, I'm still working on S. M. Stirling's Conquistador.  Suspect that when I finish that, I'll print out a copy of Sailing Dangerous Waters: Another Stone Island Sea Story containing all the most recent changes and go through that once again.  I want to make a final editing pass through it before I start the self-publishing process in August.  If all goes well, my second book should be available in November or early December.  Hopefully, all those who have been anxiously awaiting for the sequel to Beyond the Ocean's Edge: A Stone Island Sea Story won't have much longer to wait.