June 9th, 2013

Beyond the Ocean's Edge

Sometimes you win, Sometimes you loose!

Had another book signing yesterday afternoon.  Quite a bit of business for the store, but I think it was one of those days when everyone was there for video rental.  I was there for a little over two hours and didn't sign or sell a single copy.  I did have a chance to talk to a hand full of individuals, and it seemed that some were a bit interested.  I'd hoped that yesterdays event, as well as the one this coming Friday would have benefited from the current graduation season as well as the approaching Father's Day celebration.  Evidently, shoppers didn't see it that way.

As it usually is at a signing, I may have increased potential Kindle or Nook sales.  I often mention that it is available that way, especially if folks tend to be a bit aghast at the cover price.  It's a lot cheaper, electronically, and often Amazon or B & N online have it a a lower price than the store where I'm signing.  Always nice and a privilege to sign a copy for someone, but if I can get them to buy elsewhere for a lower price... it counts as a sale!  Doesn't do the store where I'm signing any good, but they are not out anything anyway.

Hopefully the signing next Friday will turn out better.  It's right before Father's Day, and perhaps folks will be looking for last minute gifts.

P. S. Still reading Conquistador by S. M. Stirling