May 18th, 2013

HMS Theadora

As the Vacation Winds down...

Sunday (tomorrow) will mark the last day of my extended time off.  As usual, it's gone faster than I had hoped, and I somewhat dread going back to see what sort of stuff didn't get done while I was gone.  On the other hand, it's been nice, not having to be up and to work by 4 am.  Quite naturally I had a big list of stuff that I wanted to accomplish, and you can probably guess that I didn't get a lot of it done.  Still, I did get a lot of stuff done, and hopefully the overall rest will allow me to do more during the coming weeks.

Quite busy with the writing stuff over the past few days.  I think in a recent post I mentioned going to Coeur d'Alene Idaho and presenting a talk on self-publishing.  Wednesday evening I went to a meeting of the Inland Northwest Writers Guild at Auntie's Bookstore.  I wasn't a speaker or anything.  I just went because I could and wouldn't have to worry about racing home, going to bed, and getting up all to soon the next day.  Thursday it was back Coeur d'Alene for a meeting of the Idaho Writers League, Coeur d'Alene Chapter.  This time I was the guest speaker, and quite probably it was being asked to speak there that prompted my decision to take vacation over the past week. I didn't talk all that much on technical or professional aspects of writing.  I tried to concentrate more on how I became and how I go about writing.  Nonetheless I was asked several questions about the publishing aspect of writing, and I hope I was able to answer those queries in a satisfactory manner.

Having been the speaker at events twice during the week, I came to notice that quite often folks seem to expect that they can learn everything there is to know about writing and publishing in a very short time... one presentation or one day of presentations.  I did write up a bit about that situation a day or so ago, and perhaps tomorrow I'll post it here.

I am excited to say that my Facebook page has gained three more "likes" over the past couple of days.  I'm still thinking that when I get to maybe ten or fifteen likes that I'll do another book giveaway.  I'm still deciding if I want to just give a copy to the tenth (or fifteenth) person to "like" my page, or if I should draw from the entire list of people who have liked it.  Trouble is, not everyone who has liked it is showing up on the list.  Additionally, one person who liked it when I first started the page is no longer listed.  The numbers are there, just not all those who have liked it.  Anyway, I'd really be grateful for anyone who might happen to stop by and decide to "like" the page.  While you are there, feel free to share or "like" anything that I may have posted.

Lastly, I had a book signing at the Hastings in Veradale (Spokane Valley) today.  Fairly slow, but I did sell one book.  That plus two that I sold at the IWL meeting a couple of nights ago at least bolsters my pocket money a little.
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