March 10th, 2013

Beyond the Ocean's Edge

A More Productive Weekend?

More of a normal weekend this go around.  Spent Saturday morning updating stuff for the SASP web-site, including a bit about our latest meeting.  (This past Thursday.)  Before, I would have written it as "The President's Page," but as we've had elections and I no longer serve in that position, what I do is more akin to meeting minutes.  These days, by the way, I'm secretary and web-master (or web-disaster) for the group.

In the afternoon, I had a book signing at the Hastings store in Spokane Valley.  Not really a success as no one bought a copy.  Still, I had some interesting conversations with a number of individuals.   Perhaps one or two were interested enough that they may purchase a copy later or through different sources.  Talked a length with an aspiring writer, discussing the state of publishing today and my eventual decision to self-publish.  In reflection, he and I may have been on different pages when I mentioned "rules."  I was referring to the rules or protocol of querying, submitting, standard format, and the like.  I think he interpreted the term to refer to grammar and the rules of composition.

I'm wondering a bit if my lack of success at yesterday's signing might be due to not really publicizing it.  I did mention it at the SASP meeting Thursday, but never submitted anything to local media.  Then again, I don't know if doing that helps or not.  In all previous signings, any sales seem to be to folks who just happen by, rather than going because they've seen I'm going to be there.  I'll just chalk it up to the mysteries of marketing and try it again next time.  By the way, I'm scheduled to be at the Shadle area Hastings next Saturday at 4 pm.

Time, I suppose to finish this up and get on with things.  I need to make up a flyer for next week and drop it by, later today.