March 3rd, 2013

Beyond the Ocean's Edge

A Lazy and Relaxing Weekend

My first weekend in a while with nothing at all going on.  I've taken full advantage and haven't really done a darn thing.  Honestly, I think it was one of those times where I just needed to totally relax and not do anything... let my mind and body rest and catch up.  Yesterday I'd started doing stuff on the computer, but realized I didn't have even the ambition for that.  Ended up playing couch potato, watching TV, and napping for most of the day.

Held my first ever book-reading last Sunday.  I thought it went well, although it would have been nice if a few more folks would have attended.  At least a few people made it, so I can't complain about nobody showing up.  I did sell a copy of the book as well, so no complaints there.  I'd spent the week prior to the event coming up with what I was going to say between reading excerpts from Beyond the Ocean's Edge.  Naturally, once I got started, I more or less disregarded my prepared notes and just sort of "winged" it. Still, I managed to stay somewhat on track and on time.  I did cut a couple of the excerpts I had planned to read, simply because I didn't want to stretch it out for too long.

Still reading Robin Hobb's Ship of Magic at work.  I've figured that reading a long book like that in half-hour segments is akin to watching some of the old television series.  While many times there was a plot thread that went through the entire series, each episode was also pretty much "stand alone."  Not to say that one can pick and read portions of this story at random, but I'm taking it, reading it, one day at a time.  I've decided that I'm not in any hurry to finish it, that I'll read each day and eventually finish it.  If I haven't mentioned it before, I'm finding it to be a great story.  I'm particularly intrigued by the "liveships" and their relationships with the human characters within the tale.  The author allows a connection and a communication that reminds me of the relationships between humans and dragons in Naomi Novik's Temeraire series.

Next Saturday I'll be doing a book signing at the Hastings in the Spokane Valley, and the week after that, I'll be doing the same thing at the Hastings on Wellesley.  One can always check my web-site to find out what events I might have coming up.  I try to keep that sort of thing current and up to date.  Information like that is generally on the first or home page.  If there, click on and visit my facebook page.  It would be great to get a few more "likes" for the page and perhaps some "likes" and or comments on what I've been posting.

Anyway, I was so lazy yesterday that I didn't make my usual Saturday run to check mail for Spokane Authors or the Inland Northwest Corvair Club, or to stock up on beverages and the like for the week.  I suppose that once I finish this, I'll take off for a while and do just that.  Hope this coming week is productive for all.  If not productive, I at least hope that it is not destructive.