February 16th, 2013

Beyond the Ocean's Edge

Catching Up

Just realized that it has been awhile since I've been here on LJ.  Sorry.  I don't have any really valid excuses... just haven't gotten around to it.

Anyway, I'm back from Auntie's Books, here in Spokane.  I went to the author reading they had today, primarily to familiarize myself with the venue and procedure.  I'm doing my first ever reading there next Sunday (24 February) at 1 pm local time.  Today's author, Kerry Schafer, apparently sold all the books they had on hand, and I will be grateful if the same happens with me.

Checked Amazon "author central" today and discovered that there was a recent spike in sales for Beyond the Ocean's Edge over the past few weeks.  For an unknown author like me, that means from weeks of no sales to a week of selling five or so.  But hey, every one counts, and every one helps.  Maybe these will put me over the threshold and I'll eventually get my first royalty check.  Who knows, it might enable me to buy a six-pack and pizza.

Still reading Robin Hobb's Ship of Magic.  It's a BIG book, and I'm only about half way through it.  It's intriguing and I find myself drawn into it more every time I read a bit of it.  It'll probably take a while to finish when I read for a half hour or so a day while on lunch break.

I looked around Auntie's a bit for the biography of Sir Edward Pellew, that several folks in following_sea have been talking about.  Didn't see it, but that doesn't mean they don't have it.  Also looked at one of the Hastings in town, and they didn't seem to have it either.  Went there to inventory copies of my book that are there on consignment and to set up a signing event.  Ended up booking a signing in June, right before Father's Day.  Also bought the second installment of a science fiction series that the book manager there introduced me to some time ago.  I recently read The Lost Fleet: Dauntless, and now I can add The Lost Fleet: Fearless to my "to be read" pile.

That's probably it for this time.  Hopefully I'll be back sooner than I was this time.