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Just Checking In

Friday I put most of the April Issue of the Rear Engine Review (newsletter for the Inland Northwest Corvair Club) together.  Wasn't a lot of club news, so I stretched out the editorial portion a bit to take up some space an also to offer my opinions on what is going on in the world these days.  I also tried to run a few more pics than normal, and added some links to books by folks in Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers.  Figured that a lot of people might be looking for something to read during this time of self-isolation and staying home, staying safe.  As it is, I probably send the REAR ENGINE REVIEW to more folks than just about anything.  Besides sending it to members of the club, I also send it to other Corvair Clubs and other Corvair people.  It also goes out to a distribution list that goes to people all across the Corvair Owners Society of America (CORSA).  And I send it to a lot of family members, friends, and even the high school classmates I am in touch with.  So it might work to get the word out about books by fellow writers.  And it gave me something to put in the newsletter as well.

For the most part these days, I'm staying home... as we all should be doing.  In over two weeks I've been out of the house, other than for walking Coco, four times.  Twice, and these were two weeks apart rather than the usual weekly trips, I went to check SASP and INCC mail, as well as being prepared to deposit any recieved dues, and finally to get beer and all those things I consider necessities.  And just to thumb my nose at the whole situation, I bought a six pack of Corona beer, which I'll consume over the next week.  Bought double of everything, so ideally I won't have to go again for another two weeks.  Also made one trip to get propane for the grill, and a few days ago we went to get our taxes done.  Now, as long as food and toilet paper hold out I shouldn't need to go anywhere for at least two weeks.

Finished reading through Darnahsian Pirates yesterday.  Not bad if I do say so myself.  Noticed the recently written chapters area a bit rougher, but that's to be expected.  Today went through and did a more indepth edit of Chapters Twenty Three and Twenty Four.  I'll probably wait until I've done the remaining three before makeing any changes or entries to the computer copies of those chapters.  Then I'll want to go back to the beginning and do a good close edit on the whole thing.  While reading I did find some types and other silly mistakes in the portions I edited last spring, so I think another pass is warranted.

A couple of weeks ago I started trying to get in touch with various family and friends via e-mail, just to see how they were doing in these strange and often trying times.

Former co-worker sent this pic of the puppies she and her family got for Christmas.  Names are Gus and Millie, although I'm not sure which is which.

  Finished that up earlier today and have had a few responses back.  Also did much the same when sending out the REAR ENGINE REVIEW yesterday.  I send  it multiple times, with different messages accompanying the particular folks it's going to.  I send it to the club members, and also include the latest version of the club roster as well as the treasurers report.  When I send it to other Corvair folks outside the club it's just the newsletter.  This time I sent it as a separatee message to my high school classmates, because the actual e-mail was meant especially for them.

We had some great weather a couple weeks ago, but lately it's been cold, windy, and at times, wet.  We've actuall woken up to snow a couple of mornings.  Nothing too serious, but enough to show for a while in the morning.  Usually it's gone by noon.  Now it seems the warm weather is coming back and by the end of the week we might be into the seventies.  That's great as I'd started to get some yard work done and I'd kind of like to get back to it.

I'm sure you'll agree that that's enough for now.
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Writing Progress and More (Maybe)

I think I've mentioned that I recently finished the third Stone Island Sea Story, Darnahsian Pirates, and that now I've started the fourth, which for the time being is known simply as Book Four.  I also finished reading Dragon Fall by Katie MacAlister and so now I'm free to read over my recently finished manuscript.

I read some yesterday and today, and at present am probably a third of the way through it.  Maybe a little more.  Today I finished Chapter Ten, which ends on page 145.  The first seven or so chapters were written ages ago and have been edited and revised several times, so reading is fairly rapid.  They are in good shape, although I've found a few things.  Some of it isn't so much about writing but about details and consistency, spelling a character's name the same from one chapter to the next, or remember which characters are aboard what ships.... that sort of thing.  And I've spotted the occasional typo, but all in all, it's pretty clean.  Everything from there, Chapter Eight to Twenty Two were written a year or so ago when I got back at it, and they've had one rather thorough going over.  So far they seem to read and flow nicely.  When I get to Twenty Three, I'll probably need to pay a bit closer attention, as most of that could still be considered to be first draft.

As for Book Four, I just want to keep going so I'm trying to add a little every day, or  most days.  It's in a "hunt for a story mode" as I don't really have anything solid to write to yet.  So a lot of what I'm writing might end up being delete, or it might be moved to a different part of the story, or interspaced with other scenes, ideas.  As with a lot of things, it will come together eventulally.

Felt a little out of sorts yesterday and was wondering if maybe I'd contracted the stuff putting the whole world in an up roar.  Some of what I was feeling didn't fit, and now I'm feeling pretty much normal, if that's such a thing for me.  May well have been a result or combination of what I've eaten or drank lately.  Eva is currently making a grocery run and I've decided to postpone my weekly run until tomorrow.  Usually try to do it on Friday so if the Inland Northwest Corvair Club or Spokane Authors gets any dues payments in the mail I can go to the respective credit unions to make the deposits.  One isn't open on Saturday and teh other only for a limited amount of time... and currently banks and credit unions are not open, lobby, direct customer service wise, so it doesn't really matter.  I had thought to go today or tomorrow depending on when she went on her run, simply to avoid having to move her vehicle to get to mine.  By the time she left today I'd decided I didn't want to go anywhere, so... tomorrow.

When He-Lo was the Bird in Residence here, we kept his wings clipped so he couldn't fly and get away.  The typical paper airplane could out fly him.  Later we did the same with Stormie, but now that Coco is here, we've decided she should have the ability to fly, just in case he should catch her on the ground and decide she's a chew toy.  So now, a couple times a week we'll hear the rustle of wings and she'll take off and fly around the dining room and living room before returning to cage.  The other night I was watching TV, laying back in the recliner when I hear wings.  A moment later, she's above me, nearly hovering, and finally lands on the top edge of the chair back.  Got her to step on to my hand and then my shoulder, and hence the following pic.  As you can see, she was much more ready for picture taking than i was.

Naturally Coco was jealous and had to climb up as well.  Tried to get a shot of all three of us, but couldn't manage it.  Did get this one of Coco.

And if you look really close you might see Stormie on my shoulder, sort of hidden behind the edge of my face.

Hope everyone is doing okay, staying safe and staying healthy.
Beyond the Ocean's Edge

A Week's Difference

Last Saturday I got to try out my recently purchased wheeled snow shovel/pusher/plow.  We woke up to a couple inches of snow and temps below freezing.  This Saturday afternoon finds us with sunny skies and temps in the high 50's (F).  Quite comfortable in shirt sleeves.  Had a lawn care guy come by mid morning and power rake the front yard, something I didn't get around to having done last year.  Got a bunch of the dead grass and last year's clippings out of it, plus mowed and got even more.  Now it's all set for me to mow for the rest of the summer.  It's starting to green up in spots and I imagine that will happen more and more as we move into April.

Last Saturday, about noon!

Today, about 1:30 pm.

Probably as the next week moves along I'll try to get the bushes and shrubs trimmed.  Cleaned out some vines growing on the back fence and between the garages, so I guess you can say I've started the yard work for this year.

And!  Last night I finished my third Stone Island Sea Story.  The plan for it now is... finish reading the book I'm currently reading, and then sit and read the printed out copy of Darnahsian Pirates. Want to see what needs to be revised, improved, and so on.  The majority of it has already had one fairly thorough edit and the first few chapters have been gone over a few times over the years.  The last five, those I've just written are basically raw and untouched, so they'll need more.  I'm also hoping to keep going on the writing and plunge right in to book no. 4. I don't have a super defined idea of what it will be, but I know it will continue on from the 3rd.  Sometimes I'd like to think it as akin to what was said about British warships during the Age of Sail.  "Built by the mile and cut off as needed!"  I'd like to get to where I just keep writing and cut or divide it into appropriate length stories/novels as needed.

Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe.
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The Current Situation

Even though I am of an age that is a greater risk regarding the Corona Virus and also have some health concerns, I'm not all that worried about it.  Most of the time I'm sort of self-isolated anyway... don't leave the house all that much.  Quite often I make my rounds... check mail for Spokane Authors, the Corvair Club, get my beer and snacks and it might be another week before I go anywhere again.  Do get out to walk Coco once or twice a day, but usually I'm home.  What bothers me more is hearing about all the hoarding going on and wondering if any of those necessary supplies will be available when we run out.

Hoping that in the future, in case anything like this happens again, we'll be stocked up a bit more than we were/are now.  Not to say we should have a years supply of everything, but just a bit more than we typically do.  And that doesn't mean buying everything in sight and making it impossible for the next person to have some.  Maybe, if we buy a month's worth of stuff every month, we'd by six weeks worth and then go again a month later and let it build up a little.  I think folks should always have a little extra on hand, just in case.  And if everyone did, then possibly there wouldn't be the mass scramble to get things like there has been.

The night sky, taken a month or so ago.

I was scheduled to do some craft fairs to sell books, but they've been cancelled.  One was last Saturday, the day we had snow, and another would have been both Saturday and Sunday at the end of the month.  We've cancelled our April meeting for Spokane Authors... restaurants are shut down now and we may not have a place to meet.  The little coffee club get together our financial advisor puts on each month has also been cancelled.  Really hope the measures being taken work and that a minimum number of folks catch this, and that those that do are not adversely affected by it.

On other things... last night started what should be the final chapter of Darnashsian Pirates, the third Stone Island Sea Story.  It's Chapter Twenty-Seven, and at the end of Twenty Six I was at nearly 116k words.  Figuring it'll top out at 118K or so.  It should decrrease a little once I get into editing and revisions.  The last five (including the final one) are all basically untouched and are real first drafts.  I'll end up going over them and then the whole thing again.  Feels great to be able to see the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel.  Seems like this story has been in work for years... and it has.  Hoping that I'll push on right into the next one(s).

Snow from Saturday is just about all gone.  Still a patch here and there, where it was piled from shoveling and or is in the shade.  Warm enough today that I walked Coco a little while ago with no jacket on.  Saw a few folks out starting yard work, and earlier I'd been in the backyard and used the weed digger tool to uproot some dandelions that were starting to grow.  Figure that in another week or two it'll be time to get started.  Have a lot I'd like to do this spring and summer, providing I can achieve some level of ambition and somehow maintain it.

More next time!
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Trial Run

We've had some fairly warm weather as of late, although at times the wind has made it seem a bit chilly.  Just to remind us that according to the calendar it's still winter, we got a blast of cold starting yesterday.  Snow started falling in the early afternoon and by the time the sun went down it started to stick.
Awoke this am to enough to officially be called snow.  It was still falling and blowing about, with temps well below the freezing mark.  Coco enjoyed his trips outside, but didn't stay to long.

Looking from our front porch at about noon today. I've already "plowed" the driveway.

Then it was time to clean it away from the walks and driveways, etc.  And I think that if I hadn't wanted to try out the new snow removal/snow moving device, I would have just let it go... It's supposed to be back to near normal temperatures in a few days so I doubt it's going to last that long.  But, I have this new wheeled angle the blade, snow shovel/pusher/plow that I wanted to check out.
So, after taking Coco for a bit of a walk, I gave it a try.  For the most part, it works great.  I think the biggest advantage is that I'm simply pushing.  I don't have to bend over to lift and or to throw or toss the snow.  I did learn that if I set the blade straight and go too far, the snow gets to heavy, so I need to angle it to let some slide off as I go.  It can also be a trick to operate on uneven pavement, etc.

So this is the shovel/pusher/plow I've been talking about.  Don't know if you can see it, but the right hand wheel is an inch or so off the ground.  If I put both wheels down, then the left (leading) corner of the blade is elevated.

I think I'd mentioned the fact that the wheels need to be bigger because the pivot for the blade is not perfectly vertical, resulting in one of the wheels being raised off the ground when the blade is angled.  Turns out that really isn't that big a problem. And there are some places where it doesn't fit, and so I still need to do a little bit with the regular shovel.  Ended up doing the full width of the lower drive way, and the front side walk for two or three houses each side of ours.  Overall, a lot easier and faster than with the conventional shovel.  Think it will come in handy in the years ahead.
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A Sigh of Relief!

Late last summer or sometime in the fall, the big name company that handles the web-site for Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers announced they were "migrating" the site to a new hosting service, and that the transistion was supposed to be seamless or painless.  When it happend, I discovered it was not, and that apparently we'd need to change the URL to go forward.  Balked at that, and for the more recent time being, we've been back to the old hosting set up, which for me works just fine.

Logo for Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers.  I didn't do this one, a former member of the group did, several years ago.

Additionally, last fall, the company I have my own web-site through announced they would make the same migration fo hosting services.  Since the change actually occurred, I haven't done anything with mine.

Today, I get an e-mail, stating the SASP site has now been migrated, and a couple choice and usually unprintable words came to mind.  But I had a few things to update and thought I'd give it a try.  There were a couple hick ups, but I found what  evidently was key to getting the new hosting system to work.  The changes, and updates I made actually showed up when I next visited the site as any web surfer would do. Huzzah!!!

Logo for the Stone Island Sea Stories. I did the original ship drawing, daughter photo edited into this.

Decided to try my own site, which I hadn't updated since last fall some time.  It basically worked the same way, and the couple of updates I made came through as well.  A couple of more things I don't need to worry about/fight with in the future.  Only thing now is it looks like SASP will start having to pay a little for it's e-mail set up that's connected with the web-site.

On a totally different subject, it appears our decent fairly warm weather will disappear over the weekend.  The weather guessers are talking snow and day time highs below freezing.  However, it might give me a chance to check out the new show shovel/pusher/plow.
More next time,
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Story Excerpt

For the most part I've been trying to post something from the Stone Island Sea Stories in a progressive manner, something from each chapter in order.  But I'll step away from that today and give you a bit from Chapter Thirteen, "The Diplomatic Voyage," of Sailing Dangerous Waters: Another Stone Island Sea Story.  In included this same excerpt as filler material in the March issue of the REAR ENGINE REVIEW, the newsletter for the Inland Northwest Corvair Club that I completed and sent out yesterday.

"Helm, Steer Between Them!" Cover art for Sailing Dangerous Waters

Chapter Thirteen
The Diplomatic Voyage
            Pierce fidgeted, looking at his watch, anxious for the last members of the official delegation to be aboard.  They milled about on the quay, halting the loading of their dunnage as time and time again it seemed, a needed item was discovered to be in a chest destined for the very depths of the hold.  At the same time, as members of the group tried to make their way on board, they were waylaid by residents or those being left behind with some sort of authority.  In the not so distant future, a future measured now in portions of an hour, they would lose the tide and sailing would have to wait.
            Why had he agreed to convey the results of the vote and the island’s representative to the Vespican capital?  Why could he not have insisted that Island Expedition sail for England as soon as repairs had been completed?  That had been his original plan, but at the insistence of Smythe and others, he had been convinced to remain and make this additional trip to the Vespican mainland.  Quite possibly he could have refused the request, even though his orders placed him in service to the British Island Expedition Organization and those in charge on Stone Island.  As the delays mounted, and as each small sign of progress conversely brought forth additional detours, he sincerely wished he had followed his initial desires.
            Now he would have to make the voyage to Bostwick and wait while the delegates from the newest Independent Land of Vespica proceeded through the ceremonies of diplomacy and annexation.  Then there would be a return voyage to Stone Island, against the prevailing westerly winds.  More time would be lost before they were ready to sail on their homeward journey.
            Exasperated by the endless delays and tired of watching the circus being staged on the quay, Pierce all but gave up hope of sailing on the current tide.  He forced himself to stand immobile along the starboard rail and gaze idly across the bay.  When his patience could wait no longer, and he was about to check his watch once more, Hotchkiss approached him.
            “Sir!” the first lieutenant said quietly.  And when Pierce did not respond, he said again, “sir!”
            “Yes, Mr. Hotchkiss?”
            “I am happy to report that everyone and everything is aboard.  With your permission, we may get underway.”
            “The tide?” Pierce asked, even as he looked at his watch to check for himself.
            “Still time, sir.”
            “Well then, let us be at it.  Allow Mr. Townsend the honor of taking us out.  Quite naturally we shall have Mr. O’Brien as well as ourselves nearby to see that all goes well.”
            “Aye, sir!”  Hotchkiss tipped his hat in salute and turned to the master.  “Mr. O’Brien, we shall proceed to sea.  Mr. Townsend is to have the conn.”
            “Aye aye, sir.”
            “Mr. Townsend!” shouted Hotchkiss, for the midshipman was forward dealing with a last minute problem.  “Leave that until later!  You are to take us out!”
            “Aye aye, sir!”  Townsend hurried aft, shouting as he came.  “Cast loose fore and aft!  In the boats, take up the slack!  Put your backs into it now!  Pull!”
            Because the wind effectively pinned the schooner against the pier, the boats would pull her far enough away to allow a minimum of sea room and permit them to sail on a starboard reach or tack, roughly parallel with the shore.
            “All free forward!  All free aft!”
            “Shove off, lads!” roared Townsend, directing his voice to those hands standing by with spare oars and sweeps.  Their push against the quay would help give the schooner an initial impetuous to move away from the dock.  That first push would also impart some momentum and make the work of those in the boats just a little easier.
            “Damn it, sir!  The brow!” shouted Davis, the bo’sun’s mate.  In trying to make the tide, the boarding plank had not been detached and set ashore.  Now, as the slightest movement came upon the vessel, that walkway betwixt ship and shore twisted in the entry port and drug across the quay’s stone pavement.  The lines that secured it to the rail grew taut.
            Pierce had been watching the procedures with a certain detachment, confident in young Mr. Townsend’s abilities, and the knowledge that several senior and experienced individuals were there and ready to assist if he should face any difficulty.  But with Davis’s shout and his own notice of the problem, Pierce became more attentive.  Still, he did not take charge, and for the moment he sincerely hoped that no one else did either.  He wanted to see how Townsend would deal with it.

And if you've had a chance to read my short story, Mr. Townsend's Chronometer, this is the same William Townsend.  You can find the story on my web-site.  He's a bit younger here than in the short story.
Beyond the Ocean's Edge

Some More This and That

Making progress on the writing.  Just about complete with Chapter Twenty-Five.  Didn't get much done over the weekend, but did get a newsletter done for the Inland Northwest Corvair Club.  Usually I'd say to visit the web-site to see it, but our web-master has had some health issues and hasn't put newsletters up since last March.  You can check that one out if you wish.
Have a small slot this evening when there is no TV I'm particularly interested in, so I just might get the current chapter finished.  Then I'm thinking there will be one or two more before the story is complete.

Yesterday we had a crew come in and take out a tree that sprouted between our garage and the neighbor's garage a few years ago.  I'd gone out way back when to cut the sprouts down, but the wood was so wet and heavy enough that it pinched the saw, and I gave up.  Then (I was still working) I just forgot about it.  For the last couple of years it's been big enough that it's been coming close to some power lines and also in contact with the garage roof.  I've been able to trim it back some, but couldn't get to the top.  Had someone do an estimate last fall, but it was more than we wanted to pay.  Friday we happened to notice someone in the area trimming trees and we asked about getting this one taken out.  They priced it at about half of what the other crew had offered, so... the tree is gone and we have a bit of firewood if we want it... or we told the neighbor they could use it if they wanted it.

We have two fireplaces in the house but we've rarely used them in the 20 plus years we've been here.  Usually have gone to the store and bought a "presto" log, just to try it out.  Like most fireplaces, they aren't meant to actually heat the house, but more as a decorative touch.

Weather has been nice for the most part, the past few days.  Raining on Saturday, and often there's enough wind to put a chill in the air on what otherwise could be fairly nice days.  Looks like I won't get to check out my new snow shovel/snow pusher until next year.  Probably should have ordered it sooner, but I was trying to see if I could find one locally, rather than ordering from that on-line company whose name is the same as one of the world's largest rivers.  Looks like it should do the job quite well, and will save me from having to lift and toss snow.  The only thing that's wrong as far as I can tell, is the wheels need to be larger, or the main frame/extension needs to be stepped down to the wheels.  As it is, that part slopes down from where it attaches to the shovel, to the wheels.  That means the pivot where the blade can angle leans backwards, and when the blade is angled to the side, it's not level.  If the wheels are both on the ground then one side of the shovel is raised.  If the shovel is level, then one wheel is not on the ground.  That may not make much difference in actual use, but I've been trying to figure out how to remedy the situation.  Either by installing larger wheels, or by modifying the frame.

Currently reading something called Dragon Fall by Katie MacAlister.  Fantasy Romance as near as I can tell.  Think it is something I won as a door prize at a Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers meeting.  I don't read Romance on a regular basis, but I do read fantasy, and it seems to be very well written.  And I believe one should read as many different genres and types of books as possible.

That's probably it for now.  Might have a bit of an excerpt to post next.
Beyond the Ocean's Edge

This and That

Writing, work on the third Stone Island Sea Story is going good at present.  Last time I was here, I noted I'd finished up Chapter Twenty-Three, the one I was working on nearly a year ago when I somehow got away from writing.  As of last night I have the majority of Twenty-Four complete.  Quite possibly I'll finish it tonight and get into the next one.  The first book was originally twenty-six chapters but I move the last two to become the second and third of the second book, which ended up being twenty six chapters long.  So based on chapter count I've only got a couple more to go.  But it might also depend on where the story ends up, so there could be one or two more beyond that.  (It can be interesting to see how different writers use chapters.  I talk a little bit about it in a fairly recent post here on LJ.)

My first attempt a cover art for Beyond the Ocean's Edge: A Stone Island Sea Story

If anyone has visited my web-site (link above) lately, you may have noticed that it's in need of some updating.  Quite honestly, I'm a little nervous about doing so... not because of anything I'd want to put up, take down, etc., but supposedly it's been migrated to a new hosting site.  The same thing occurred with the site for Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers,and despite claims that it would be painless, it was not.  I found out how to get into the site and make changes, but they weren't showing up on the site.  Then it appeared we'd need to change the web-address, the URL to work with the new hosting service.  Finally discovered they'd put us back on the old service so we could use the old URL.  I don't mind them changing the hosting service, but we should not have to change the web-address for that.  Ir would really be a pain if we had to.  All the printed information would need to be changed.... in the newsletter, on the site itself, business cards, etc.  So for the time being I've been a little reluctant to even check into it on my site.  The two sites are through different companies, but both were hosted by the same service and were changed to the same new one.  One of these days, I guess.

This next bit might fit into my recurring "things that irk me" rant.  It seems the meaning of "season" when it comes to television shows has changed over the years.  It used to be that the new season, the new shows started in the fall and ran until the spring.  If a particular show, say Hogan's Heroes was on Friday nights, you could be assured of seeing a new episode every Friday night during the "season."  Only when spring and summer arrived would you see reruns.  Now, a lot of shows run for six, eight, or ten episodes and call it a season.  All year long we see so called season finales, season premieres, etc.  And the one thing that bugs me the most... tuning in to watch one of the shows I enjoy during the "season" expecting to see a new episode and discovering that for some reason they are showing a repeat of an earlier episode.  I've noticed that sometimes they do that if something special is on another station or network and perhaps don't expect to have the viewership they would like.  And of course, if a particular station/network runs something special... a televised presidential debate for example, they may not air regular or new programning afterwards.  And if the shows are re runs or not shows I look forward to watching, it's good, because I can shut the TV off and get a little work done on the book!

While sitting atop yours truly, Coco has seen or heard something outside

Finally... saw a tweet yesterday about a dog who will take and consume his medication right our of his owner's hand.  No need to coat it in peanut butter or clamp the dog's mouth shut to get him to swallow it.  Coco is the same way.  Vet has him on something to grow some hair in some places where it was getting thin.  He's gotten to the point that if I shake the pill bottle, he comes running and he'll grab and take it from my hand.

More next time!
Beyond the Ocean's Edge

Back to the Story

So some might recall that in November of 2018, I got off my rear end and paralleled #Nanowrimo to get back on track with the third Stone Island Sea Story.  I got quite a bit done that month and in the few months that followed.  Finally, as we moved into the past summer I fizzled out.  By then I'd completed the twenty-second chapter and had nearly all of the twenty-third written.  I'd also done a preliminary edit, complete with updates to the computer files of the first twenty-two.  Somehow I got a way from it until last week.

What I've discovered is I can't or don't like to do long extended computer sessions.  Usually by the time I've checked e-mail, looked over social media, and perhaps done something regarding the writers group I belong to, or the car club I'm in, I no longer want to be here at the keyboard.  So I shut it off and never get back to it.  Usually end up in front of the TV and then decide to just stay there.  (Yes, it's a round about way of saying I'm lazy.)  A lot of the time I'm watching just to be watching.  Decided last week that unless there is something on that's on my "gotta see it" list, I'm not going to watch.  With the current schedule of evening TV there is only one night that doesn't give me at least an hour and a half where I can get a way from that screen and instead focus on the computer screen.... and write!

Anyway, I've finished up Chapter Twenty-Three and have a decent start on Twenty-Four.  Didn't get any writing done over the weekend, but am planning to do more this week.  Last post or fairly recently I mentioned that I'd also gotten back to doing a bit of exercising and maybe that touch of activity has revitalized my day to day existence.

Finished reading Out of the Sands by fellow Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers member K. M. Carter earlier today.  Not sure at this time what I'll read next.  More next time.
P. S. Belated Happy Birthday to nodbear

Painted this tropical island scene a couple decades ago, not long after I'd helped Jessica make a similar diorama for a school assignment.