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Independence Day Eve

Looks like the Inland Northwest will have some decent/nice weather for the 4th of July!  June ended, and July started with some cooler blustery days, but today is clear and warm.  Not super hot and a bit of a breeze, so it's nice outside.  Supposed to be a bit warmer tomorrow and then even more so for the next few days.  Might get warm enough that I'll start watering the main yard with the sprinkler later in the evening, rather than by hand.  Thought about that for today, but I was out and had the time, so....

Can't recall if I've mentioned it before, but I've been working (now and then) on a rock border around the bushes at the front of the house.  Originally thought about using scalloped brick as I did along the driveway next to the house.  But discovered a stash of rock behind the garage and decided to try that.  I was a little leary of using it at first because many of them have been painted, but I sort of like the effect.  Have one more session of it to finish up, so one of these days.  Usually end up hauling a few of the rocks out from behind the garage, washing them off and letting them dry for a day or so before putting them in place.  Still need to dig out the roots of the plants I cut back earlier this spring.  As you can see, they are sprouting again... the fairly pale green leaves below the window.  There's another behind he scotch (or bull?) pine on the right.

Here you can see the other bush/root I need to dig out, as well as the little bit remaining I have to do with the rock border.  Planning to curve it around that last bush and then straight back to the house, just to the left of the window.

Still have six or seven chapters of Darnahsian Pirates to update, computer wise, based on my last edit run-through.  Got side-tracked a bit as of late while working on the newsletter for Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers.  By the way, if you want to see it, it's on the group's web-site, under "Newsletters."  Over this weekend I'll need to see if I can get the newsletter out for the Corvair Club.  Have most everything I need for it, but I'm waiting on final word about a possible upcoming event.  Still a little up in the air with all the Corona Virus stuff.

Finished reading Master and Commander a day or so ago.  Haven't yet picked out anything to read following it, but I'm thinking I want to interspace volumes of the Jack Aubrey/Stephen Maturin stories with other works.  But then again, I might read a couple in a row...

Guess that 's it for now.  Maybe I'll get back on track and get back to posting here on a more regular basis.  Who knows?
For my fellow Americans!  Happy Fourth!
For fellow H. Hornblower fans!  Happy Birthday, Horatio!
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Yes, I'm Still Here

It's been a while since I've posted, so maybe you are wondering... but, yes, I'm still here.  I seem to be in one of those very human conditions such that the more time I seem to have, the less I tend to get done.  That certainly holds true with this Live Journal stuff.  And honestly, it also seems to be true in other areas of my day to day existence.  Over this past weekend I decided that has to stop, and so during the week I'm going to try and tackle one thing everyday that I've been putting off.  And yeah, I tell myself that sort of thing all the time and never seem to get to it.  So we'll see how it goes this time.

I still think some of it has to do with the current health situation: the idea of staying home as much as possible, not being able to go out and be around people as we used to be able to do.  True, I was pretty much a stay at home body anyway, but that was my choice and not the result of a world wide pandemic.  I still get out and about, but it isn't the same as before, and like everyone else I'm waiting, sometimes somewhat impatiently for it to all be overwith. 

As much as I want to get back to normal, or as close to normal as I can, I think some people, some places are rushing it a bit.  And I don't understand those who won't wear masks, or claim it violates their freedom or that the ban (where in effect) on large crowds, violate the right to assemble, etc.  Someone once described freedom as having the right to swing your fist anytime and anywhere you wanted, but that that right ended at the point your fist touches someone elses nose.  Your right to not wear a mask, your right to be part of a large crowd ends when there is the possiblility of your exhalations carrying the Corona Virus and possibly making someone else sick.  And even if we can't meet in groups, our right to assemble is still there.  We can still communicate via written letter, e-mail, text, social media, and old fashioned phone calls.  We can have on-line meetings, and so on.  If "they" as conspiracy theorists imply were truly trying to stop communications between people, it would be more than just a ban on large group gatherings.  Honestly wish more would comply so we'd get over this sooner.

Have been fairly diligent in entering edits into the computer version of Darnahsian Pirates: Stone Island Sea Story 3.  So far I've got the first seventeen chapters updated, leaving ten more to go.  Hopefully I'll make a good dent in those remaining ten this week.  Who knows, might even get a little done later this evening.

As I mentioned last post, I did start reading Master and Commander again.  It's been long enough since I read it last, and it's complex enough that it's almost like reading it for the first time.  As I found the second time I read it, and indeed all the stories in the series, I can now look for more than the basic story.  O'Brian writes a complex tale so I figure it might take several readings to get everything out of it that there is to get.

That should be it for now.  Hopefully I'll get my next entry up here a bit sooner than I did this one.
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Some More "This and That"

Earlier today, I told Eva I was going to be lazy today.  She replied, "You're lazy everyday!"  Suppose I am, but yesterday I mowed the front yard, edged and trimmed via the weed-eater, weed-eated the majority of the back yard, and watered it all.  (The battery on the weed eater went dead before I completed everything so I still have the northeast corner and the raised section to do, but I got the majority of it done.  The back yard is more of a weed patch so we just try to keep it cut down via the weed-eater, rather than mowing.)  Anyway, my ankle has been bothering me lately and by the time I was done with all I did yesterday, plus being out with Coco a couple of times, it was really sore.  My plan for today is to stay off it as much as I can and hope it heals up a little.

I'm not sure what's wrong with it, but it acts almost as if I've sprained it.  Yet I don't remember any specific incident in which I did so.  Just noticed that it seemed a little stiff and sore one day.  Wasn't too bad until last week when I was mowing.  Needed a bit more of a push while going through a tough spot in the yard so I put a little extra into my step, pushed off with a bit more force on that foot, and wow!  Ouch!  Figure that if it doesn't clear up soon I'll need to have it looked at.

Now in the process of inputting my latest edits of Darnahsian Pirates to the computer version of same.  I've done the first four chapters so far.  In the first two, I ended up eliminating around 100 words each, but in three and four, only a handful of words.  These are older chapters, originally written a long time ago, and ones that I've been over several times.  In a way it surprised me that I found so much to change, but I did.

Reading wise, think it might be time to read Patrick O'Brian's "Master and Commander" series again.  Figure that if I do, I'll alternate between those and others.  Read one of the Aubrey/Maturin books and then something else before coming back to the next story about Jack and Stephen.

Outside with Coco last night so he could take care of certain neccesities. Got this pic of the moon over the neighbor's roof.  Basically looking to the south east.

More next time,
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This and That

Last time I was here I speculated that perhaps I'd be back on track with posting every week or so.  WRONG!  Just noticed it's been nearly two weeks since I last posted.

Not sure if anyone else has had similar problems, but my Facebook Page seems to be a little squirrely these days.  For a couple of weeks I could not even get to it and now, some of the features don't seem to work as they should.  I can't "share" from another Page, and when I go to my Pages Feed, it acts as if my Page has never liked any others.  But now, I can at least get to my page and post therein.  Many of my posts are simply to let folks know about a post here on Live Journal.

Finished the latest editing pass on Darnahsian Pirates a few days ago.  Now I need to get busy and include the changes, corrections, additions, and deletions in the version on the computer.  And as it usually is, while incorporating those, I'm likely to discover and make more changes as well.  In a way, I surprised myself in that I made more changes to the earlier parts of the story than I thought I would.  Afterall, some of those chapters had been gone over many times in the past.  Maybe it's because the story is complete and I have a better picture of what's going on in it.

Last Wednesday we finally had a rainy day in which it actually rained for most of the day.  Since then it's been nice, with the temperature getting in to the very warm or even hot range.  Last night a series of thunderstorms blew through, and in some places in the region there were potentially damaging high winds and large hailstones.  Here, I heard two or three rumbles of thunder a fair ways off, and we had a few minutes downpour and some gusty winds.  Later, around 4 am, we got a little more thunder and some gentler more steady rain.  Today is cloudy and raw compared to the past few days.  Nonetheless it is refreshing and the rain that fell will do crops and our lawns a world of good.

Completed and sent out the Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers Newsletter a couple of days ago.  Situation locally still isn't to where we can actually meet, but hopefully that'll change before it's time for our July meeting.  Tired of the decision to wear masks or not becoming a matter of politics.  To me, it has nothing to do with whether one is conservative or liberal, but with one's decision to try and even the odds a little bit.  If one opts to wear a mask, he/she is simply saying, I might have it and not know, so I'll lessen your chances of catching it from me, if I have it.  Simple as that.  Nothing to do with my political leanings.

Certain counties in Washington have moved to "Phase 2" of getting back to normal.  One area that's open again is hair dressers and barbershops, but with the caveat that workers and customers wear masks.  But I wonder, how can a barber cut my hair, especially on the sides and around my ears if I have a mask on?  Otherwise I shouldn't have to take my glasses off when I get into the chair.  Definitely need a haircut, but think I'll wait.  Maybe I'll let it grow and become a 69 year old hippy!  (I've only ever had my hair long and that was right after I retired from the Navy nearly 30 years ago.  I let the back grow long enough to have a pony tail, but got tired of it and went back to a "normal" haircut.)

Finally, if you do crossword puzzles, have you ever noticed that clues are sometimes factually wrong.  Today, one clue was, "another name for a steam bath."  The answer they were looking for was, "sauna," but I've always understood a sauna used a dry heat and not steam.  But if it points one in the direction of the correct answer for that spot on the puzzle....

Let's hope things get better as we move into June.

Stormie being sweet.  I was trying to get a pic showing how my shirt matches the bird.
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I'm Back!

Lucky You!
And I'm a day ahead of myself!  Maybe it'll keep up
Still fighting these quarentine blues it seems.  Still at a low as far as ambition goes.  But thinking back, I've had spells like this before and have eventually worked my way out of them.  Feel frustrated in a way, but also realize it just might be normal for me.  And who knows, tomorrow might be the day.  (Today is too far gone to be a possiblility, so...)

If I've done anything at all, I've worked fairly steadily at the current edit on Darnahsian Pirates, the third Stone Island Sea Story.  Right now I'm roughly 3/4 of the way through it.  I'm finding more changes and corrections than I thought I would, and my bet is, that even if I go through it really good a time or two more, a good editor will probably find a lot more stuff to fix.  Even in the earlier chapters, those I've been over a number of times, I'm finding things to change or correct. Most are relatively small, but enough that it will be a chore to incorporate them all into the computer version.  That's okay with me, because my goal is to have it as clean and as error free as possible when published.

For any who have read the earlier stories, you may recall that I often cite a specific day and date for when certain things occur.  As far as I can determine, those days are the day that particular date fell on in the year (early 1800s) in question.  As I wrote the later part of this story I neglected to do that and simply speciflied "the early part of February" for example, or "five weeks later," etc.  But I wonder if the time line in my head matches the real calendar at all, or do I have a portion of the story taking place in the cold of winter when actually it should be summer, and so on.  So a few days ago I looked up the year 1807, which is when a good portion of this story takes place.  Discovered that once we passed this year's Leap Day, this year's calendar matches that years.  So if 19 May of this year is on a Tuesday, 19 May 1807 was also on tuesday.  So, anyway, I'm going to have to go through it and check the dates and look at time spans for various events, etc.  Have a feeling I'll find out that I've sort of compacted things together a bit more than I would like.

We are finally getting a little more rain, and today promises to be an actual rain all day sort of day.  Then I hope we'll get a partially dry day, because with all this rain my yard will need to be mowed again.  I like to cut it fairly often, so I'm just taking a little off the top and not mowing a hayfield.  And with the mower I have, if it gets to thick, it's gets hard to push,and if it's too tall, it just pushes over instead of getting cut.  Anyway, with the rain we've had the past couple of days, and the watering I've been doing, it's looking good. Nice and green!

So I've never been one for taking so called selfies.  Usually end up looking kind of weird.  Weird beyond what the camera has to work with, but now and then I give it a try.  Anyway, took this one a little while ago, and infact just before starting this post.  Probably looking a little shaggy.  I was thinking about getting a haircut just as this Corona Virus stuff went down, and thus haven't had one for a while.

Hope you all are doing well!
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Some This & That

Oldest and most recent pics of Coco.  The first, taken when he had just come to live with us in October or 2017.  He was about eight weeks old. the second was taken a week or so ago.  He's chewed holes in his blanket and was burrowing through it, ending up wearing it.  Honestly, he's helped things stay someone normal around here.

For the last six weeks or more, I've been saying this "Stay Home, Stay Healthy, Stay Safe" hasn't bothered me much.  Afterall, I'm retired and spend much of my time at home anyway.  Even before this all went down I might have only left home, left as in getting in the truck and driving somewhere, once a week or so.  But I was free to do so whenever I chose, and perhaps that fact is playing with my day to day existence.  At least then I could go someplace if I wanted to, see those I needed or wanted to see, and in turn seek the refuge of being at home because I wanted to.  On the surface, it's all about the same, although I try not to go anywhere unless absolutely necessary, and I certainly don't want to catch anything or if I should have it asymptomatically, cause anyone else to suffer from it.

But I've noticed my ambition level is down, not that it was ever that high to start with.  That might be reflected in the fact it's been over a week since I last posted here.  I thought about posting something later last week and just never got around to it.  I've got several projects to work on, both around the house and yard, and on the computer, including some stuff regarding my writing, but usually after I've been on the computer long enough to check e-mail, I say, "That's Enough!" and shut it off.  Usually I have the idea that I'll get to it "tomorrow," but tomorrow ends up the same way.  Honestly, I think it's all on account of this "stay home, stay safe, stay healthy" stuff.

Yet I hope "they don't rush getting back to normal, because I'd hate to see the world relapse and go through it all again, perhaps with even deadlier results.  Then it would take even longer to get back to some semblance of normal.  Llike many, I'm missing sports on TV, particularly Major League Baseball and the Seattle Mariners.  Most evenings or late afternoons would find me watching the game for the day.  Not having sports does give me more time and opportunity to work on my third Stone Island Sea Story, and with many of the regular TV shows I watch being in reruns now, or not even being aired, I have even more time to be at the computer in the evenings.  Still, with the get up and go tank full of nothing but fumes, I don't seem to do as much of that as I'd like.

Yesterday I started another editing pass through the #WIP.  About a quarter of the way through it now, and so far haven't found anything drastic, but have found a few typos and the occasional extra word.  Doing this via the printed copy and a pen, so eventually I'll need to go back on to the computer and enter the changes into the docs there.  Overall, however, I'm pretty happy with the way it looks and reads.

Hoping that one of these days, something in my daily routine rut, will change, and I'll snap out of all this.  Hopefully I'll get back to getting at least a little something done, and my ambition will come closer to matching the list of things I eventually want to do.
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Another Monday, Another Post

Seems like I'm into this once a week posting routine.  Suppose that's not too bad, and let's face it... that's what I apparently do!
Got two newsletters done over the weekend.  First, I got SASP NEWS out for Spokane Authors and Self-Publishers.  It was a bit different this time, as having had no meetings since the beginning of March, a lot of the material just wasn't there.  I did get a nice "From the President" column from the group's president, and our past president also wrote something for it.  She also sent in two book reviews which were included.  In addition, a couple members sent along information about new books they have coming out now or in the near future.  I managed to come up with enough to get a standard length newsletter  sent out to everyone, even if I ended up including a fairly lengthy excerpt from near the end of my latest Stone Island Sea Story.

I usually try to make the newsletter no more than ten total pages, including the cover, as I've found that's the most that will go for a single first class stamp here in the us.  (I fold them over, put seals on the edges and then the stamp and and address label on them before putting them in the mail.)  I'd hoped to have enough material that I'd be forced to include extra postage, but that didn't work out.... maybe next month.  I wasn't too worried about extra postage as most of them go via e-mail.  There is only a couple copies that actually get mailed via USPS.  It's not like the "old days" when it was a full day it seemed, printing and assembling copy after copy and then using up one or more sheets of stamps to get everything mailed.  And if you'd care to see it, it's on the SASP web-site.  Go to "NEWSLETTERS" along the left and select the month.

Also got the May issue of the Rear Engine Review for the Inland Northwest Corvair Club out, with the handful of mailed copies being picked up by the mailman this afternoon.  This group is pretty much the same, and I only need print and actually mail out a handful.  Definitely makes doing a newsletter a lot easier.  Our web-master has had some medical issues over the past few months and hasn't been updating the INCC web-site that often, so I don't don't know if it's up or not.  If you were to check, you might find it still shows the March 2019 issue.

This pic of a Corvair Convertible that's for sale in Oregon also appeared on the front of the May issue of the Rear Engine Review.

For the most part, we've been having some decent spring weather.  Warm during the day, lots of sun, and pleasant.  We've been threatened with rain now and then, but in our particular neighborhood it doesn't seem to rain as much as they forecast or as much as we might expect.  Saturday was supposed to be rain and wind and thunderstorms all afternoon and evening.  We got one good storm just as darkness fell and a bit more near midnight, but nothing that lasted, nothing that soaked everything really good.  So far, I've not put the sprinkler out, but instead have just been hand watering.  Seems to help, especially if I do it everyday.  And since I'm retired and staying home, I've got the time to stand out there and move in slow motion as I let it soak in.  My mantra while watering is, "be the sloth!"  Brought on by the GEICO commerical with the sloth trying to draw a tandem bicycle.  I've found it's best to move the hose and nozzle really slow and let as much water as possible soak into each square inch of lawn.  Also, I've found that as I have the time, it's a good way to, as they say, be one with nature... to just enjoy the typical sunny spring day.

Suppose that'll do it for now.  Expect I'll be back.... in a week or so!
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Catching Up

As usual, I post and intend to post again in a couple of days, but look and discover much more time has passed than intended.  You'd think that with being home so much of the time I'd be cranking them out on a regular basis.  Then again, I find that there are times when I just don't want to do anything on the computer beyond checking e-mail or surfing through various social media platforms.

Even though the current "Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy" mode of life hasn't been a big change for me... I was pretty much doing that anyway, perhaps it is the finality of it that sometimes gets to me.  If I don't have plans to go anywhere, do anything, things are pretty much normal.  But when I want to go to the store, need to run an errand, I have to stop and think a bit about it.  Make sure I really need to go or that I remember to follow social distancing guidelines and the like.  Also I do miss those occasional events, meetings, etc where I have a chance to meet with and intereact with friends and colleagues.

I have come to realize that the lack of sports might be contributing to me doing at least a little work on the third Stone Island Sea Stories book.  By now, most of my evenings would be taken up with watching Seattle Mariner's games, but since they aren't playing I have time most evenings to do a bit of writing related stuff.  Currently I'm entering edits for the final chapter into the computer, and for once I may be adding to the word count rather than taking away from it.  That's because I realized that some things in that last chapter and somethings in the beginning of Book Four don't fit well chronologically.  So far I've transposed a scene from chapter one of the new WIP to the final chapter, and I'm thinking there are a couple more things I need to add to fully wrap up number three.  But still, for all intents and purposes, I think it's done.

I've probably mentioned a time or two that at our monthly SASP meetings, we usually have a drawing for door prizes  For a while it got to be a way for members to clear out books they'd read and didn't want around anymore.  We finally restricted it to books by members, whether or own or another member, or books on writing, publishing, editing, marketing, etc.  But over the time we allowed anything and everything, I've picked up a few of just about anything.  (Usually when a person has a winning ticket for a door prize, they get to select what they want from the selection to be given away.  Often I've taken some fairly off the wall stuff because I might already have what else is available.  Sometimes end up with things that I normally wouldn't read, things in genres or subject that I normally don't look for.  Such was case with Dragon Fall by Katie MacAlister, which I read a few weeks ago.  It was/is basically Fantasy Romance, and when you come right down to it, was a fairly interesting story.  Now I'm reading something called Fairyville by Emma Holly.  It too seems to be Fantasy Romance, but this one has a lot more erotica in it.  It has just enough of a story line to it to prevent it from being porn.  Does seem to be well written, but is quite explicit, quite often.  And it is one I find might sit for several days between reading sessions.  Anyway, hoping to finish it up soon and get back to a good Naval Adventure/Age of Sail, or other adventure type story.  (And sometimes I wonder which of the members of SASP donated such a book to the monthly door prize collection.)  I'm also coming to realize that while I'm no prude, I prefer things to be hinted at, rather than blatantly described in what I read.

Weather has been nice for the most part, alhough April Showers seem to have taken a leave of absence.  Hardly any rain at all this month.  We've had a few days where it was supposed to rain, and it did, but for just a few minutes, enough to make the pavement wet, but then it stopped and never returned.  I've skipped watering those days, thinking we were going to get a good soaking, but by the next day have to go water just to catch up.  Never the less, the lawn is greening up and I've got most of the trimming done.  Also have managed to clean up most of what I've trimmed, so as time goes on, the place looks a litle better all the time.  Also noticed that over the past few days, most of the trees in the neighborhood have leafed out.  Makes it look and feel more like spring.

That should do it for this time.  Ideally I'll be back in a few days, but regardless of when, I'll be back.
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More This and That

Finshed up the initial edit of the final chapters of Darnahsian Pirates a week or so ago.  So far I've inputted three of the five into the computer files.  Chapter Twenty-Five took a while and I finished it up last night.  I made a lot of small changes to that one and ended up removing 710 words from it.  All told, I've shortened things up by 1,185 words.  Wonder how many more I'll cut in the final two.

This is what a typical page looks like after I've done some editing to it.  This is the second page of Chapter Twenty-Five, and in this particular chapter, most pages looked a lot like this.  In some chapters, there are/were a lot fewer changes.  I find that as I input these changes, I come up with more, which makes it slow going.  I also sometimes decide not to make particular changes, or find others that I did not mark as above.

I see a lot of writers talking about the number of drafts they do in order to write a book.  That, to me means starting over at page one and completely re-writing the story... incorporating changes such a denoted here.  Me?  I do one draft, but I keep revising it.  I go back into the computer version and change those things I find need to be changed.  I might retitle it from "Chapter One" to "Chapter One Rev 1" or something similar to keep track of it, but to me, it's still the same draft.  I think that with the way we can correct, change, modify, and alter a computer document, there isn't really a need to start or do multiple drafts.  In the old typewriter days, it was very difficult to make changes and corrections on the page, so the idea of a new draft, if not of the entire book, at least of a particular chapter made more sense.  The same was true for anyone writing by hand with pen and paper or pencil and paper.  Then there would have been the need to write out a final (semi-final) smooth copy once a signicant number of corrections and changes had been made.

Did a little more yard work today.  Mowed everything again, although it didn't need a whole lot of that.  I try to more on a regular basis so I'm not cutting all that much.  With the mower I have it can be hard to mow if it gets too high, and I'd rather keep it trimmed and take of a very little bit each time I mow.  Hand watered again, which I've been doing for the past week or so, and sprayed some vinegar and water on the weeds coming up in the cracks in the concrete.  Tomorrow, if it's not too windy I hope to spray some "weed and feed" stuff on it.  Then I'll wait a day or two and go back to watering.  Might break out the sprinkler for the main yard.  I just hand water the two smaller sections all the time because they are so small it's next to impossible to use the sprinker.  Ends up watering a lot of the sidewalk and street so it's not the best way to go.  I have the time so I can get everything watered pretty good doing it by hand.

Made a run to check mail for the Corvair Club and Spokane Authors yesterday.   Also stopped by the store to pick up a few things I was getting low on.  Wanted to get a few things at another store, but there was a line outside of people waiting to get in, so I decided it could wait.  Eva works there so maybe she can pick those items up when she's at work.  If it turns out to be like last time, it'll be another two weeks before I go anyplace again.  Hopefully by then we will have made some progress and we'll be closer to ending this Stay Home Stay Safe routine.  Doesn't bother me all that much because most of the time I don't go anywhere anyway, but now and then I feel the need to go and then decide I can't or I shouldn't.

Hope everyone is doing okay and that you are finding constructive and creative ways to occupy your time.
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I'm Still Here

I keep thinking that with all this enforced stay at home time, that I'll post more often here... Somehow it hasn't worked like that.  And as I've mentioned, not all that much has changed for me.  I'm usually home anyway.  I think the biggest difference is that I've changed my once a week run around and do everything I need to do to an every other week routine.  Way back on April 2nd we went and got our taxes done and the next day I made my "weekly" run.  Haven't gone anyplace since... other than out and about to walk Coco.  Who by the way went all the way around the block today.  Usually he'll explore the part of the street in front of the house he considers his territory or sometimes will just lay in the yard while I stand there holding the leash.

We had a few days of great weather late in March, but as we moved into April it got chilly and somewhat stormy.  During the earlier round of nice weather I trimmed some of our bushes and we had the yard power raked.  Towards the later part of last week it warmed up some, so I got a bit more done.  I re raked, by hand the boulevard strip between the side walk and the street and mowed it.  I've also been hand watering, just enough I hope to allow the new growth to get a better start.  That boulevard strip has a lot of brown dead grass at present and I'm trying to soak it up everyday.

Took this sunset shot last month, a couple days after spring began

Friday was the nicest day so far, with temps reaching into the low seventies.  Trimmed the bushes or shrubs in front of the house, the ones I know as scotch pine.  I've heard others refer to them as bull pine.  All I know is that if I go to trim them I want to wear something old as I end up getting pitch all over everything, including me.  Also cut back/cut down a couple of other leafy bushes, and will eventually take them out completely.  They are a pain to manage, it seems.  Lastly, I did some more trimming on one of the shorter bushes between the driveway and the front walk.  Tried to get rid of as much of the old dead undergrowth as I could.   This was one I'd done a few weeks ago but realized it still needed work.  Now I'm debating cutting off two of the limbs that  take up a lot of space but don't contribute much to the green canopy portion.  Or I might wait until next year.  Now the only thing I need to trim are the two taller bushes in that same area.  Have a feeling I'll need a ladder as the tops are just out of reach.

Front of the house showing my attempt at trimming the scotch pines there.  Will have to pick up the trimmings one of these days.

Saturday I mowed the main yard and the small triangular portion between the driveways and by the garages.  They weren't really high yet, but with my mower, if it gets too long, it gets hard to push, so I try to cut just a little bit at a time, and cut more often than a lot of people.

Writing wise, I finished up editing the final chapters of Darnahsian Pirates a few days ago.  So far I've updated the first of those chapters (chapter Twenty-Three) on the computer and have a start on the next.  Hoping that I'll get that done this week and then I can go back through the whole thing looking for typos and that sort of thing.  Also have a few details I need to figure out and perhaps correct or change.  A lot of it is stuff that doesn't really make it into the story, but stuff that I want to be sure of.

I guess that's it for now.  As always, hope everyone is doing well, staying safe and staying healthy.